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What are the steps you would follow or use to solve an algebraic equation? Be sure to describe why you would do each step in your process and how that step would help lead to a correct solution. Must be at least 150 words. I will give an extra 20 points for who does this!

Answer: Option A and C Explanation: the geometric sequence is the sequence in which ratio of all consecutive terms is equal for example ratio of third term to the second term is equal to the ratio of second term to the first term. Here are some general terms of geometric …

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A reaction occurs when solid X is placed into solution Y. As a result, the temperature of the new solution increases by 3°C. The temperature rises another 2°C when more of solid X is added to the solution. What does this indicate about the effect of adding more solid?

Answer: The best answer choice to the question: Which of the following best describes the relationship between climate and latitude, would be: A: The greater the latitude, the colder the climate. Explanation: The explanation is best given not with the understanding of latitudes and climate, but rather, the position of …

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Can you please answer these questions from my study guide? Please answer as many as possible, you don’t need to answer all: Topic 8– Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, and Nationalism 72. In order for a corporation to raise money, what does it sell? 73. Private ownership, profit motive and competition best describe which economy? 74. In what way did the Agricultural Revolution pave the way for the Industrial Revolution? 75. How did the Industrial Revolution affect cities? 76. What was a major benefit of being a stockholder in a corporation? 77. What is Karl Marx most closely associated? 78. When a country extends its rule onto another country it is called: 79. What problem is brewing in Europe in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s? 80. Nationalism is… Topic 9 – World Wars and the Russian Revolution 82. Who was shot that triggered the start of the Great War? 83. World War I was a “total war” in the sense that… 84. What is the policy of glorifying power and keeping an army prepared for war? 85. What region was referred to as the “powder keg” of Europe? 86. What were the Fourteen Points? 87. How did the Treaty of Versailles affect postwar Germany? 88. What did the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare refer to? 89. The purpose of propaganda during World War I was to 90. What impact did Russia’s involvement in World War I have on the Russian government? 91. What is a totalitarian state? 92. What was trench warfare? 93. What is the primary reason the United States became involved in World War II? 94. Why did President Harry Truman decide to use atomic bombs against Japan? 95. What was the main significance of D-Day? 96. What was the Nazi’s “Final Solution”? 97. What was the name of the type of fighting used by Germany in WWII? 98. What economic problem did the U.S. face before WWII? 99. Where was the first atomic bomb dropped?

OK ill trying my best but here is some don’t take my word for them. 72. they agree to Sell their stock. Corporations raise money and resources to expand by selling their stocks. Stock is a part of that corporation’s ownership. By selling their stock , the corporations could easily get …

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Choose the answer based on the most efficient method as presented in the lesson. If the first step in the solution of the equation -9 + x = 5x – 7 is “subtract x,” then what should the next step be? subtract 5x add 7 add 9

Answer: Ques 1: Ques 2: Step-by-step explanation: The quadratic formula states that the roots of the equation, are given by, . Ques 1: The quadratic equation is given by, . On comparing, a= 3, b= 6 and c= 15. So, the roots of the equation are given by, i.e. i.e. …

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Would a cell voltage change significantly if the right-hand half-cells contained twice their volume of a solution of the same concentration? Why? What if each electrode were made from cylindrical wires instead of flat sheets?

Hey there! Hello! The best answer I can give to you is that it depends. It depends on the way that the volume is being increased and if it’s being increased along with the mass.  Volume represents the amount of space a substance, object, etc. takes up. Density represents the …

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Look at the linear equation below. 2x – 3y = -13 Which pair of numbers is a solution to the equation? Select one: (-5, 1) (5, 1) (5, -1) (-5, -1)

Posted in Mathematics The answer is (-5,1) because 2(-5)-3(1)=-13 🙂 Related Questions Posted in Mathematics How would we find the unit vector in the direction of v= i+j? The vector i=<1,0> and j=<0,1> so the i+j=<1+0,0+1>=<1,1>. The length of this vector is easy: |i+j|=2–√ to make the vector i+j=<1,1> a …

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