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His was the moment Zachary had been waiting for. He had rehearsed his lines for weeks, silently in his head as he biked to school, out loud in the mirror when he was home alone, and, to get used to an audience, in front of his sister’s stuffed animals and a slightly confused dog. Zachary had not prepared well for last year’s audition, and at the last minute had chosen not to go—too embarrassed—or too scared—he did not know which. Now, as he stood backstage, he thought about last year. He had been so disappointed in himself as he walked home alone, snuck to his room, and flopped sadly into his bed. “Next year will be different,” he vowed then and there. “I will be better prepared.” And he was. He just hoped it was enough. His throat was dry, his palms were sweaty, his heart was pounding, but he was ready to face the spotlight. A hushed silence fell across the auditorium as the drama teacher called his name. Zachary Hamilton. Based on the passage, how do you think Zachary will deal with the conflict in the remainder of the story?



The literary elements suggest that Zachary learned from last year and will have more success this time.


this time Zachary learned to come prepared so he could get the part that he wanted so you should always practice for what you want

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