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With so much at stake for the farm we all held our breath throughout the harvest season which is the best definition of stake in this context A) a pointed stick or post B) an interest or share in something C) at risk or in a contest

Here are a few pointers; hope this is useful) Ovation-by definition- is show of appreciation from an audience, for a person’s accomplishments or flaw. “Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world.” A person’s accomplishment could be how they made a positive change in this world, strong …

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Which of the following is an accurate statement about George Bernard Shaw’s personal beliefs? A. He felt that all art is good because it reflects the individual B. He deemed vegetarianism to be a foolish and unhealthy fad. C. He believed wars should only be fought if a greater good is at stake. D. He thought that capitalism, as an economic system, is highly problematic.

25. The incorrectly punctuated sentence is the third option. This is because the comma is unnecessary and chops up the sentence. You should only put a comma before a conjunction (words like and, but, or) when there is a list (like in the last option) or when the words following the …

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