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I need to know steps to find the solution to the canal problem.

This problem can be solved with a system of equations.The variables we will use to solve this will be x, y, and z.x will represent the first number.y will represent the second number.z will represent the third number. The first equation in the system of equations we need to solve …

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I need help understanding what is 3x=9 because i forgot the steps i have to do for this question so can you please help me

Question 1:Because we start with the year 2000, we must subtract 2000 from 2015 giving us t= 15 years.  Question 2:Like Question 1, we must subtract 2000 from 2010, giving us t=10 years.  We then plug t=10 into the first equation, giving 1.5*10+42, which equals 57.  Then because this number …

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Alloys Age Hardening Process and Steps

Introduction On Hardening Of Alloy The particles in the second phase can result in hindrance of the dislocations, throughout the lattice, in the primary class; there is the participation of the second-class particles. The phase diagram show the solidus line, which can tell the participation of the particles, the participation …

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A LOT OF POINTS!!!! Darnell’s car used 8 gallons of gasoline to travel 340 miles. After a mechanic worked on the car, it used 7 gallons of gasoline to travel 350 miles. If the price of gasoline was approximately $4.00 per gallon, how much less, to the nearest cent per mile, did it cost to run the car after the mechanic worked on it? Please tell me the correct answer with the steps!! Whoever gives the answer with steps will be marked the BRAINLIEST!!!

Answer: The right answer is 20%. Step-by-step explanation: To resolve this question, we can use the “rule of three.” the rule of three tell us= a————–>b c————–>d when we know the values for a,b and c; and we want to know the value of d we can use the next …

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You have been asked to write a paper on theme parks. In a paragraph of at least six sentences, describe the steps you will take to conduct your research.

Answer: D. Describing a momentary event in detail. Explanation: Exploding the moment refers to memoment a writer describes in detail an specific moment, time is slowed down and each frame is pictured. Instead of doing an unordinary description of that event, it gives an expanded description of it using as …

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Describe the process that ice on Mount Everest goes through when being heated from 10o Fahrenheit to 305o Kelvin. Explain how the energy requirements change at different steps of the heating curve. What are the energy transfers that happen in the ice on Mount Everest?

Answer:  C. He measured the different wavelengths emitted by the electrons of the element using x-rays Explanation:   Moseley was the scientist who determined that atomic number of the element that is number of electrons in atoms of the particular elements. He studied the X ray spectra of the atoms …

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