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“when you build defenses, you are minimizing the risk of encountering future problems. Through this strategies, you learn how to cope with the changing times and how to turn each challenge into something beneficial” 1. my journey through this lesson enabled me to learn… 2. it made me realize that… 3. I, therefore, commit to…


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As far as I understand, you have to write possible conclusions and show how motivated you become after reading this excerpt. You can write something like this  : 1)  My journey through this lesson enabled me to learn that I am capable of making and doing new things, the things which I have never experienced before. I also can see that my potential is quite enough to bring all the learned things in the future. And even though life can prepare a tough situations, I can accept this challenge and make a profit out of life obstacles because my knowledge is my weapon.
2) It made me realize that every person must take life challenges seriously. People also have to recognize these challenges in order to be prepared for the unexpected future. So now I understand that I should never give up and always keep in mind that there are always many solutions and the only thing that people need — is a little time to find them.
3) I, therefore, commit to be strong and faithful to myself and towards other people. Accepting personal challenges help one to be a good person, so I am ready to assume such a responsibility. With this realisation I can inspire myself for new steps towards the future. It will make me feel confident wherever I am and thus can lead me to a personal success.

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“When you build defenses, minimizing the risk of encountering future problems. Through this strategies, you learn how to cope with the changing times and how to turn each challenge into something beneficial.”My journey through this lesson is enabled me to learn__________________________________________________It made me realize that ___________________________I, therefore, commit to_______________________


My journey through this lesson allowed me to
learn that the most significant component of defense is responsiveness. It is
important for us to be aware for it serves as one of the best defenses we had.

It made me understand that
putting defenses lessens the risk of encountering future problems. Also, it
made me realize that putting defenses helps me toughen myself in the middle of

I, therefore, commit to much
strengthen myself and as well as my defenses for it really helps me. 


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70 POINTS!!! PLEASE HELP!!!WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST!!!!!!!!!!While it is no doubt true that literary analysis is an effective way of understanding a literary work in depth, it can be argued that analyzing a text takes away the enjoyment of reading it. Which mode of reading do you prefer, reading for pleasure without any effort at analysis or analyzing as you read? Or do you prefer some other combination of reading strategies? Explain your preference.


I prefer reading for pleasure without any effort at analysis. Reading a passage once and looking up words in a dictionary will be a way to know new words and understand the text of the passage more.

Having a literacy device sheet in hand is important to comprehend if the text passage is a metaphor, simile, hyperbole etc and that help understand complex literacy language in poetry, Shakespearean language, and in eulogy themes.

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Which two statements BEST compare the strategies of the British and American army?


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1.The British army was willing to lose as many men as necessary to win battles, while the Americans safeguarded their troops
2.The British army sought to fight the Continental Army in a decisive battle, while the Americans hoped to wear the British down with small skirmishes.

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Which best states the three main Northern strategies for winning the Civil War? a)selling cotton to Europe, blockading Southern ports, and controlling the Mississippi River b)capturing the Confederate capital, defending itself until the South tired of the war, and blockading Southern ports c)blockading Southern ports, controlling the Mississippi River, and capturing the Confederate capital d)selling cotton to Europe, defending itself until the South tired of the war, and controlling the Mississippi River


The three main Northern strategies for winning the Civil War were blockading Southern ports, controlling the Mississippi River, and capturing the Confederate capital. Option C is correct.

The American Civil War was a civil war fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865, between the North and the South.

The main reason why the civil war started was the long-standing controversy over the enslavement of black people.


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If a company uses a variety of different marketing strategies that means its marketing strategies are


If a company uses a variety of different marketing strategies that means its marketing strategies are


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What are the following items? titles headings and subheadings overviews questions and exercises A. reading strategies B. parts of a textbook C. parts of an essay D. types of questions


parts of a textbook

These are all parts of a textbook. The titles tell you the different topics each sections of the textbook contains. The headings and subheadings further breakdown each of the topics into different parts or elements. This helps the reader to better understand the organizational structure of the textbook which in turn aids in comprehension. Overviews help the reader to preview the information that is to come in the text. The questions and exercises help the reader to synthesize, analyze, and apply the learned content.


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You have recently begun your employment at a new medical practice. Your employer has asked you to research strategies to market and promote the medical practice. Use the internet to research marketing strategies for a small medical practice.


Charlie had a waist circumference of 47 inches and a BMI of 29 this shows that she is overweight. BMI test level is high from normal ranges shows that she is at higher risk of disease. She should lose weight and concern to the doctor.

Further Explanation:

Body mass index (BMI) is a measured value derived from the height of a person and mass.

{text{BMI}}=dfrac{{{text{mass (kg)}}}}{{{{left( {{text{height}}}right)}^2}{{left({text{m}}right)}^2}}}

BMI indicates whether the person is healthy or overweight mainly used by physicians.

• Range of BMI in a normal person is 18.5-25mathbf{kg/m}^{2}

• Range of BMI in skinfold person is 25-30mathbf{kg/m}^{2}

• Range of BMI in underweight person is 15-18.5mathbf{kg/m}^{2}

The skinfold measurement test is used to determine a person’s body fat percentage and body composition.

In this test, we are the proportion of body fat by determining skinfold thickness at pinches specific part of the body. The estimate of these folds is determined the fat beneath the skin, also called subcutaneous adipose tissue.  

The tester pinches the skin at the site and drags the fold of skin away from the muscle so only the fat tissue and skin are being held. The skinfold thickness is measured by skinfold calipers in millimeters.

Skin test includes the seven locations of the body:

1. Triceps

2. Quadriceps

3. Suprailiac

4. Pectoral

5. Subscapular

6. Midaxilla

7. Abdomen

Charlie had a waist circumference of 47 inches and a BMI of 29 this shows that she is overweight. Females with waist size 47 inches have higher risk of having disease. BMI test level is high from normal ranges shows that she is at higher risk of disease.She should lose weight and concern to the doctor.

Learn more:  

1. Learn more about carbohydrate monomer

2. Learn more about core muscle stabilization

3. Learn more about energy storage

Answer Details:

Grade: High School

Subject: Health

Chapter: Physical Fitness


Body index mass, weight, doctor, triceps, abdomen, midaxilla, Quadriceps, skinfold, mass, height, pectoral.


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In related linked diversified firms, ____ are a complex set of resources that link the different businesses through managerial and technological knowledge, experience, and expertise. a. corporate core competencies b. strategies c. support activities d. intangible assets


In related linked diversified firms, ____ are a complex set of resources that link the different businesses through managerial and technological knowledge, experience, and expertise. a. corporate core competencies b. strategies c. support activities d. intangible assets


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Please help fast! 50 points and brainly answer+rep/thanks. (Answer as many as you can, even if you give me 2 its ok) 1. Read this excerpt from The Call of the Wild and answer the question. “Buck felt vaguely that there was no depending upon these two men and the woman. They did not know how to do anything, and as the days went by it became apparent that they could not learn. They were slack in all things, without order or discipline. What is the thematic relationship between these characters and a character such as Francois?” These characters act as bookends. These characters are an antithesis. These characters are unimportant. These characters are antagonists. 2. Read the passage below from The Call of the Wild and answer the question. “The tent was rolled into an awkward bundle three times as large as it should have been. The tin dishes were packed away unwashed. Based on prior knowledge, what can the reader infer about this description?” These people are unintelligent. These people are unskilled. These people are frustrated. These people are learning. 3. What should you do when you encounter an unknown word when reading? Use vocabulary strategies like context clues and prefixes to understand its meaning. Write the word down to look up after you finish reading the entire text. Cross out the word so it does not distract you from the sentence as a whole. Skip over the word and continue reading. 4. The words “continue” and “continuity” are examples of _____. cognates root words antonyms synonyms 5. The contrast between Hal and the other sled drivers most reflects the theme of _____. the quality of men rules and laws civilization vs. the wild the effect of the environment 6. The halfway mark of a novel is called the _____. antithesis narrative arc midpoint pivotal point


Hey there!

Correct answer is D. Comma or Period Inside Rule

A. Question mark or exclamation point inside: those are not really necessary.

B. Colon or semicolon: not, a semicolon would divide the whole sentence and it would be shorten; a colon would work but after requested, when there is already a comma.

C. Question mark or Exclamation Point Outside Rule: would not work, becase it is an very polite and affirmative sentence.

D: A comma or period inside rule: actually, just a comma would work. Please, Cooper’s dad requested, go… Cooper’s dad requested must be in between commas as it is a vocative.

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Explain in detail what it means to synchronize computers and mobile devices. include at least two strategies for keeping your files in sync in your answer


If someone wants to use a wireless keyboard and mouse with a laptop computer, below are the steps.

First check if there’s a USB receiver attached to the mouse or keyboard. If there is, see below steps.

1. Connect the USB receiver of both mouse and keyboard into the USB port of your laptop computer. Some USB dongle would ask you to install or add it your device, just click OK and then add.
2. Make sure that the batteries on your wireless keyboard and mouse are working. And also check if the keyboard and mouse are turned on or have power.
3. Check if there’s a “connected” indication for both wireless mouse and keyboard on your laptop. You can now use your wireless mouse and keyboard on your laptop.

If there’s no USB receiver, and you’re using a bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard, below are some steps to follow.

1. Turn on bluetooth connection on your laptop.
2. Make sure that batteries are working and turn on both wireless mouse and keyboard.
3. On your laptop, find your wireless mouse and keyboard under bluetooth option and connect the devices. You can now use your wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard for laptop.


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Which of the following are effective strategies for looking up words in the dictionary when reading? Select all that apply. Look up the words right away. Underline words then look them up when you have finished the book. Make a list of words and definitions as you learn them. Don’t bother looking up a word if you can guess the meaning.



  • Underline words then look them up when you have finished the book.
  • Make a list of words and definitions as you learn them.


When you are reading a text you may come across unfamiliar words which you do not know the meaning of. However, knowing these words is of utmost importance for a complete understanding of the text, so you should look up the meaning of the words in a dictionary.

You might even stop reading and look up the words right away, but that would slow you down and you might even lose interest in continuing reading that text. For this reason, the best strategies for searching for words you don’t know in a dictionary are:

  • Underline words then look them up when you have finished the book.
  • Make a list of words and definitions as you learn them.

With these strategies you will not disturb the reading pace, will finish the text and enrich your vocabulary because you will know new words


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Which strategies can be used to solve this problem? The car assembly line workers at a new factory painted 5,000 cars in its first year, 7,213 cars in its second year, and 8,201 cars during its third year. How many more cars did the workers paint in its first and second years together than in its third year? Choose all answers that are correct. A. Draw a diagram. Draw three circles. In one write 5,000, in another write 7,213, and in the third write 8,201. Draw an x through the circle with 8,201 written in it. Circle the other two circles with a larger circle. B. Translate into an equation. (5,000 + 7,213) – 8,201 = c C. Work backward. Add 5,000 (cars painted first year) to 7,213 (cars painted in second year). Add 8,201 (cars painted in third year). D. Use logical reasoning. Combine the totals for cars painted in the first two years (5,000 + 7,213). Subtract 8,201 (cars painted in the third year) from the sum to get the answer.


Answer with explanation:

1. Scatter plot : In Scatter plot, which consist of two variables, are represented in two dimensional plane through dots.If you join these points along the order in which they are given , you can’t predict whether they are in ascending or descending order.But if you arrange the data in ascending order and then plot it on two dimensional plane, you will get numerical data in ascending order.

2. Line Graph: A line graph is representation of something over a period of time. Suppose an object is not moving uniformly, we plot distance traveled in different interval of time in two dimensional coordinate plane.As Distance traveled is always positive , with increase in time , distance traveled will increase or remain constant , for two duration or period. So, we can say with conformity that Line graph is also one of the simplest way of representation of numerical data in ascending order.

3. Box-and-whisker plot: In Box and whisker plot, when data is arranged in ascending order, then a box is drawn, the upper and lower ends of box are first Quartile and third Quartile Respectively.Median lies inside the box.The spanning of whole box tells about Interquartile range.And the two line segments which are connected from the two ends of box ,one end of segment is lowest value in Data set and Other end of segment is largest observation in the data set.In Box and whisker Plot, Numerical data is also arranged in ascending order.

4. Stem and Leaf Plot: In Stem and Leaf plot, data is splitted into parts, the first digit of number from left is stem and last digit from right is Leaf.

For, example 45,46,47,……

4 is Stem and 5,6,7 are Leaves.

So, the way of representation of numerical data, is simplest in stem and leaf plot.

Option D:Stem- and- Leaf Plot , is simplest method to represent numerical data in ascending order.


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Proctor and gamble is a large multinational organization that has many business sharing distribution resources. diversification strategies take advantage of the __________ that exist in their organization.



Option B is correct.

Consumer protection laws are meant to prevent unfair or deceptive business practices.

Further Explanation:

Consumer protection law is a law made for consumers. This law protects consumers from the business who are using the wrong means of getting the profit. The consumer can be sued for the wrongdoing done by the business. If the business provides unfit good to the consumer and the consumer, have a physical loss and any amount of money. Consumer protection laws help the consumer.

Justification for the correct and incorrect answer:


Prevent businesses from consumers: This option is incorrect.

Company law has been made to prevent businesses from consumers. This option is not correct as consumer protection laws have been made for consumers’ protection.  


Prevent unfair or deceptive business practices: This option is correct.

The main purpose of consumer protection laws is to prevent consumers from unfair or deceptive business practices. This is the correct option.


Prevent consumers from spending too much money: This option is incorrect.

There is no law regarding stop consumers from spending too much money. The consumer spends the money according to his income. This statement is incorrect for consumer protection law.  


Prevent consumers from buying unnecessary items: This option is incorrect.

The consumer protection law does not take consideration to prevent consumers from buying unnecessary items. This depends on the demands of the consumer.

Learn more:

1. Learn more about consumer influence

2. Learn more about behavior types

3. Learn more about the demand for a product

Answer details:

Grade: Middle School

Subject: Business Law

Chapter: Consumer protection law

Keywords: consumer protection law, meant to prevent unfair or deceptive, business practices, businesses, consumers, spending too much, money, unnecessary items, wrongdoings.


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Which strategies can be used to solve this problem? Rosa organized a game day at her house. She plans to have 2 groups of 5 people play charades, and 3 groups of 4 people play board games. What is the greatest number of people who could be at Rosa’s game day? Choose ALL answers that are correct. A. Draw a diagram. Draw 2 squares and 5 circles. Then draw 3 squares and 4 circles. Add the total number of squares and circles. B. Use logical reasoning. Think that finding 2 groups of 5 is the same as 2 × 5 = 10 and that 3 groups of 4 is the same as 3 × 4 = 12. Then add 10 + 12. C. Model the problem. Show 2 groups of 5 chips and 3 groups of 4 chips. Then count all the chips. D. Translate into an equation. 2 × 3 × 4 × 5 = n. I WILL MARK AS BRAINLIEST PLUS 25 POINTS



Option C is correct

231 cubic inches  sand does Sam use

Step-by-step explanation:

Volume of a cone(V) is given by:

V = frac{1}{3} pi r^2h              …..[1]


r is the radius of the cone.

h is the height of the cone.

As per the statement:

To build a large sandcastle, Sam takes an old traffic cone and fills it with sand. The cone is 18 in. tall and has a diameter of 7 in.

⇒ h = 18 in.

Using the formula of diameter.

Diameter = 2r

⇒7 = 2r

Divide both sides by 2 we have;

3.5 = r


r = 3.5 in.

Substitute the given values in [1] we have;

use pi = 3.14


V = frac{1}{3} cdot 3.14 cdot (3.5)^2 cdot 18

V = frac{1}{3} cdot 692.37


V = 230.79 in^3

Therefore, to the nearest cubic inch, 231 text{in}^3 sand does Sam use


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The primary purpose of the Bretton Woods Conference was to __________. A. find ways to help the poorest economies of the world B. create a world bank that individuals and companies around the world could utilize for global financial transactions C. form an international peace organization designed to prevent future conflict D. discuss the prevention of future global economic depressions, as well as strategies to rebuild Europe after WWII


The form of love that is likely to characterize a long, happy marriage is: consummate love

In consummate love, the couple will feel a series of passion, intimacy, and commitment toward one another. These feelings will make them to continuously create various effort to make each other happy and keep improving their relationship.


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Next Generation Gym Marketing Strategies


Marketing Strategies for Next Generation Gym, UK


The desire to be the best we can does pervade our senses from time to time. How can we resist it, when the advertising industry is constantly booming out messages telling us that we need to conform to a certain style, seek to enjoy a certain lifestyle and meet a certain body type that is desirable by the opposite sex. Even if we are married and settled down, working at the office also forces us to meet certain social norms about dress code, etiquette, office procedures and the like. Everyone likes to be thought of as young and virile, as ageism spells death and lack of promotional opportunities. It is a combination of all these factors that lead young people and professionals to join gyms and sports facilities all over the world, and the UK is no exception. In fact the trend for a healthier and happier lifestyle is catching on here. Being in good shape and eating a healthy diet not only help get us noticed and appreciated more at the office and on the street, but also make us irresistible to the opposite sex (Adcock et al, 2001, 17). Most of all, it makes us happy. This paper will look at the comparatively new concept of pay as you go gyms in the UK, with particular reference to Next Generation Club Gyms, a business registered in Hertfordshire, UK. It also has a branch in Swindon.

Pay As You Go, a New Concept in the Sports Industry

In fact, Next Generation Club Gyms have been the subject of quite rapt attention by sport enthusiasts and marketers alike, since it has introduced the concept of pay as you go in the UK. Similar in concept to schemes for mobile phones, this new innovation has made it easier for people who would like to get into shape or practice some sort of sport activity not on a regular but on an infrequent basis, when they get the time. Of course, it is always better to follow a regular schedule when you can but many of us have varying responsibilities at different times of the day, week or month which does not give us the opportunity to live a really scheduled life. For example, a salesman who has to travel to customers for offers and closing deals can hardly know in advance where he will be at a certain time of the day or how long the next sales call will take. One can similarly get stuck with a last minute assignment at the office, or have to stay an extra shift because somebody is ill or cannot make it. For these individuals, pay as you go certainly makes sense (Perner, Pricing, 2011). When you come to think of it, pay as you go also makes sense for lazy individuals who are not self determined enough to follow a regular schedule. So the idea certainly has merit for most of us. Pay as you go is not only cheaper; you can book a time slot in advance and ensure availability of facilities and equipment that lets you exercise, swim or play tennis at ease and without waiting in line for people to clear out before you get a chance. The concept caught on in the USA some time ago but has only been recently introduced in the UK (Garvin, 1988, 20).

Available Facilities and Activities

Presently the activities available at Next Generation Gym Club in Swindon are swimming, exercise, racquets and relaxing opportunities. Swimming allows you to relax after a hard day’s work, play casually in the pool or if you are more competitive, even learn some new strokes and increase your lap speed. There are swimming lessons for kids and grownups as well, including aqua aerobics for anyone who is interested. Training for body strength and flexibility include Body Blast, Body Pump, Body Pump Express, Pilates, Spin, Yoga and Boxercise, all scheduled at different times. A monthly schedule is drawn up in advance. Facilities for NG Kids include rugby, basketball, soft play activities, make and create, karate, teen gym street dance academy and booking for parties. There are also squash, tennis and badminton facilities with professional coaching available. The café and menu bar offers a variety of healthy food options for breakfast, tea or lunch, from pastries to sandwiches to cereals, vegetables, yogurt and fresh fruit. There is also a function room that can be hired on half or full day basis for meetings etc (Next Generation Gym Website, 2011).

Gym Marketing Strategies

To be sure, Next Generation Gyms also has a regular membership that gives the business its base earnings. Schools and offices can also hire facilities on group basis. PAYG bookings can start as low as £5.00 for a session.

Segmenting the GYM Target Market

On the question of targeting and segmenting a market, it is tempting to offer the same facilities to everyone. But experience has shown that it pays to classify the customer in terms of his or her needs. For example, if a person had a fear of water, it would be useless to try to sell him a swimming membership. On the other hand, a teenager who is slim and svelte would more likely be interested in dance or gymnastics rather than serious bodybuilding (Beech & Chadwick, 2007). The first task is to get the needs of the prospective customers on paper, and this would most likely be accomplished by taking a survey from school students, office workers or the general sports enthusiasts at clubs where all the facilities that Next Generation Gym offers are not available all at one place. It is suggested to target the following groups of customers, all with diverse needs:

Segment Age Group Psychographics Lifestyle
Young School Kids & Teenagers 7-22 Membership mostly decided by parents Typical school activity, eager to expend energy
Young Adult Office Goers & Self Employed 22-35 Gainfully employed or looking for work; make own decisions to enroll Office to work, self or family responsibilities, but want to stay in shape too
Middle Aged Executives & Professionals; Housewives 36-55 Want to stay in shape; issues of ageism Spend most time in office; exercise as time permits
Retired Professionals; People Approaching Old Age 55 and above Take exercise to  keep themselves agile; want to improve mobility and vitality Empty Nesters or taking care of self and grand-kids; lots of spare time

A closer look at the segmentation would show that a number of variables or distinguishing characteristics can be, and often are used in practice, to segment a market (Zeithaml et al, April 1988). The first to be looked at in terms of the PAYG facility would be lifestyle. The gym club would be targeting those people whose lifestyle was such that they only exercised irregularly and would therefore benefit most from booking for facilities and activities when the opportunity presented itself. The gym could also take a small fee per month to keep these people on the rolls. It has to keep afloat, and this fee would help offset the circumstance of it not being booked to capacity or even break even on any given day (Perner, Information Search and Decision Making, 2011). Although the gym has tried its best to strengthen its base income by offering memberships to schools and offices, offering professional training for different sports, renting out function room facilities for half and full day meetings and even started health food, snack and refreshment offerings for the sports enthusiasts, it is still open to losses if it does not get appreciable earnings on its PAYG scheme (Morris, 2009, 27; Zeithaml et al, 1990). The second factor is the age group, which is decided as those between 36 and 55 years old. They have the income but not the time to exercise regularly. They may also have some health issues due to a sedentary lifestyle and use exercise or other sport activities as a chance to de-stress from the pressures of work demands and office politics. In contrast, the young office goers or self employed professionals in the age bracket 22-35 would probably prefer a stable yearly membership with regular timings and an exercise schedule or activity regimen that keeps them in shape for work and play. They have just started with work and family responsibilities but want to stay in shape too. They are self conscious, fashionable and trendy and want to be desired and admired. They have healthy egos, are influenced by the latest happenings in fashion and design and use the Internet, Facebook and Twitter daily to communicate with friends and interest groups. They most likely are influenced by celebrities and local trend setters in the office and community (Ross, 2009).

Consumer Profile for the Most Suitable Target Market for the PAYG Facility

Regarding the consumer profile for the most suitable target market for the PAYG facility being offered, it is clear that the middle aged executives, self employed professionals and housewives would be the best to target for this scheme. These people have a busy life, with irregular work times and schedules not offering them a chance to start a regular exercise program with a timetable for progress. They just grab the opportunity when it presents itself. They feel guilty about exercising and know that a regular gym membership would be too expensive and not feasible. For them, the chance to avail the opportunity whenever they can is a godsend. They are plagued by office and home responsibilities, balancing both and having a not so good quality work-life balance. For them, PAYG at Next Generation would definitely be appreciated and useful. They have less time but the money to avail this opportunity to the fullest.

Factors Influencing Consumers to Try the Gym Facilities and Activities

The first thing is that the young office goers and self employed professionals or sport enthusiasts would want to use the gym facilities to stay in shape. They want to pursue a healthy lifestyle and not be plagued by diseases in middle age. They want to be active as they age and so a regular gym membership would be more feasible for them. They would most likely make friends with suitable partners or opponents in the same age group and socialize with them on weekends outside the gym as well (Perner, Attitudes, 2011).

On the other hand, parents and schools can also use the regular or PAYG facility, depending on the time and cost factor. Sometimes schools or parents can be induced to enroll promising young students or their kids in the club because of lack of suitable facilities or professional training opportunities at school or college (Armstrong et al, 2009, 56).

For the old retired seniors, one can have relaxing sessions, yoga classes or mobility training. These people have time on their hands but are losing their agility as they age. They would most probably also enjoy the chance of meeting up with others in their age group and discussing their life stories and other experiences while taking a sauna or relaxing at the restaurant (Perner, Group Influences, 2011). They can choose PAYG or regular membership depending on their health and income sustainability issues. If being sponsored by their children, PAYG would most probably be preferred to a regular membership. All the above segments would definitely have their reference or influence groups or personalities and that is also an important factor in taking memberships at the club (Drummond & Ensor, 2005, 66).

Positioning Strategy for Next Generation Club Gym, UK

In terms of designing a positioning strategy for Next Generation Club Gym in the UK market, I would think that PAYG is an idea whose time has come. It is a good and feasible alternative to annual memberships, which could be quite costly (Financial Times, 2011). At the higher end of the UK market are Gymbox, Aegis Training, The Place and the Third Space. Jubilee Hall and Central YMCA bring up the lower end. Next Generation would stand to gain some members from both higher and lower end groups, especially where crowds and long waiting times are a factor. Most memberships are never used in full anyway, and a person usually limits himself to one or two choice activities which he enjoys. In such circumstances, PAYG is an affordable and wise choice. Only the true sports enthusiast or professional sportsperson would go for full membership and he or she most likely makes use of some or all of the facilities nearly every day or every second day.

Otherwise PAYG is definitely a preferred choice in these difficult times.

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Burberry Marketing Strategy | Clothing Brand Burberry’s success strategies


Burberry: Assessment of Marketing Strategy


Burberry, an upscale British clothing and accessories retail company, is achieving superior performance amidst a highly competitive environment. A variety of the company’s key competitors, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Harvey Nichols have not been able to sustain competitive advantage in terms of marketing due to fluctuations in an increasingly hostile financial marketplace. Burberry’s successes are evident in both recent financial documentation and the speed by which international expansion is occurring.

Burberry’s competitive edge is built around unique positioning strategies unlike those of competition, the company’s ability to understand and relate to growing trends in consumer preferences and improvements in the company’s supply chain methodology. Primarily, even more than the tangible cost savings and improvement efforts related to supply chain is Burberry’s recent efforts to improve the consumer perception of the retail company by changing its strategic planning from one of traditionally-inspired clothing to modernism, bringing the company a much larger target audience to market its brands.

Burberry understands its consumer audience and has implemented a variety of marketing strategies which have brought the company increased competitive advantage. The business has a flexible internal culture and structure which allows the company to adapt to changing trends in consumer buying behavior. Outperforming competition in heavily saturated market environments is something that Burberry has managed to accomplish by recognising contemporary consumer behavior.

Burberry Marketing Strategy

This report identifies the marketing strategies of Burberry and compares the company’s financial statistics to marketing focus to determine how Burberry remains a leader in upscale clothing and fashion. The report will illustrate how the company views the external competitive environments and foreign business environments to appeal to a diverse blend of consumer demographics.

The Statistics

Burberry currently operates 97 stores and 366 concession outlets both domestically and abroad (Rigby & Vermeulen, 2008). Burberry achieved annual sales of £995 million in fiscal year 2008 (Burberry Annual Report, 2008), which represented an increase of over £100 million since 2007. The company witnessed individual store sale increases of 14 percent in the same period, making Burberry a leader in its particular fashion market (Braithwaite, 2008). Interestingly, in early January 2008, one British analyst warned that Burberry may well miss its target sales expectations for the year, indicating that Burberry can rather quickly outperform market conditions and other competitors through creative and innovative marketing principles.

Burberry’s Success Strategies

Two of the most fundamental strengths of Burberry’s marketing focus lie in the product and promotion element of the marketing mix. In relation to product, the company is swiftly moving away from its more traditional consumer and working toward the creation of a contemporary image by carrying wide varieties of clothing and accessory fashions which cater to the youthful, trendy consumer searching for upscale fashion. One competitor of Burberry states the following regarding product: “Retaining a traditional customer while courting a fashion-conscious one, is a risk” (Sims, 2008: 10). This might suggest why Burberry maintains a sales leader as the company does not believe that blending styles for broader demographic reach is a risky strategy but is part of its branding focus and product positioning strategies.

One retail expert offers that the upscale clothing market is “a very unforgiving market” and if there is one element of the consumer overlooked or under-valued, retailers operating in these marketing environments will be “punished severely” (Gray, 2008: 20). The expert is essentially suggesting that companies which are not focused on delivering customer value through appropriate product or product positioning strategies, they will likely be outperformed by more progressive competitor marketing. Even though Burberry is not a luxury fashion company, the focus of its positioning efforts is one of luxury for those consumers in the mid-fashion level who wish to trade up to more upscale products.

Product and the company’s positioning strategies are vitally important to Burberry’s long-term success and growth rate in the firm’s attempt to lure the contemporary consumer. Brunelli (2007) identifies that Burberry made sweeping changes to its marketing division and has hired a younger and more dynamic group of marketing professionals in order to change the image of tradition to one of progressive modernism. This blended approach toward product, as an element of the marketing mix, is a likely success factor in the majority of the company’s retail outlets. For instance, Rigby & Vermeulen (2008) offer that classic trenchcoats achieved large sales volumes whilst funky and progressive shoe sales saw the largest increase. Compared to competition that are under-performing for fear of the risk of blending fashion genres, Burberry’s focus on blending its clothing lines is allowing them to maintain superior competitive advantage in terms of product focus in company marketing.

In regards to promotion, the company’s advertising literature depicts several youthful, hip and modern UK youths, adorned in glittery lipstick, extraordinary grooming and styling and a variety of gold-gilded attire. In many respects, the firm’s representative advertising literature positions the business as luxury and upscale to even the youthful consumer, illustrating a connection with youths of this category. This was a deliberate focus as Burberry decided to do away with lower-end merchandise such as scarves and hats which cost less than $50 which had been aimed as the less-affluent teenage or young adult shopper. Burberry decided that such products eroded the importance of the new modern, upscale brand and eliminated them from the sales floor (Mitchell, 2007).

The company is also enhancing its emphasis on building brand preference and brand awareness in its newly-diversified consumer audience.  Burberry reports front-end evolution consisting of a one brand strategy which is unique as the company attempts to draw not only on the strengths of the various merchandise brands Burberry carries, but the company’s own consumer image. The one brand philosophy allows the business to create a variety of promotional literature which emphasizes the attitude and dynamic personality of today’s Burberry without necessarily relying on other brands to sustain higher sales volumes. This does not appear to be a strategy that the company’s largest competitors have been able to capitalise on.

The company performs adequate marketing research in attempts to understand its customers, which is evident in Burberry’s recognition of existing trends in the consumer market. For instance, analysts suggest that the rise in single (unmarried) individuals is growing and the trend to trade up for top-class products are the largest growth factors for luxury product sales (Financial Times, 2008). Additionally, with a new fashion forward consumer audience, handbag demand is also on the increase, giving the business strong sales growth in this area.

This analyst recognition of consumer trends is a likely catalyst for Burberry’s current high performance as the company announced a superior stock replenishment system for handbags and a new target focus in non-apparel sales (Investors Chronicle, 2007). It would be illogical for Burberry, or any other competitor, to make sizeable changes to the company’s internal logistics systems without a proper marketing research focus which understands consumer buying trends and preferences. Superior performance suggests a company which is well positioned to understand what drives its customers and how quickly the company must respond to these needs both internally and externally in terms of product, promotion and generic consumer research.

As previously identified, mid-level customers are aspiring to upper-level brands, offers many financial and investment strategists (Newman, 2008). This shift in consumer patterns can likely not be explained away by economic conditions, as it is relatively common knowledge that there are significant strains on the financial condition of many companies and countries today. Thus, at a time when various predictive models might indicate a lessening of consumer spending, Burberry’s increase in sales volumes amidst an economic downturn speaks volumes of the company’s dedication to understand what drives the consumer to buy. Research did not uncover specific information as to what intrinsic or extrinsic factors were driving customers to trade-up to luxury items, however it would explain why Burberry has changed its focus from mid-level consumer positioning to one of luxury and has built a solid brand in the process.

A Global Focus

2007 represented a significant year for Burberry as the company opened its first store in Florence, Italy as well as in Malaysia. The only non-performing sales environment is Spain in which sales are down 20 percent (Rigby). However, in response to these declining sales, the business is restructuring the company in an attempt to understand the foreign consumer. For instance, the company realises that its domestic advertising literature is not appropriate for the Spanish consumer and is working to redevelop strategies which are focused more around the cultural expectations of Spanish citizens who are generally proud of heritage (Jackson & Cully, 2006). This represents a flexible marketing model whereby the company can create domestic promotional and sales literature whilst still maintaining a different marketing strategy in foreign market environments. A retail company with a diversified outlook regarding various, multi-cultural marketing campaigns would best describe Burberry’s modern attempts at building a solidly performing company. Boone & Kurtz (2006) identify that many retailers are unable to balance multiple international strategies appropriately and cause negative consumer perceptions with companies’ lack of dedication to foreign consumer research. Since the majority of Burberry’s foreign stores are experiencing growth, the company appears to have found its successes in global consumer research.

Interestingly, the company relies on the majority of its total business revenues to come from business practices in Japan (Burberry Annual Report). This is largely from various licensing agreements held on contract which, for the purpose of this report, do not need to be identified in detail. However, from a business perspective, Burberry takes steps to protect its intellectual property and ensure the integrity of licensing agreements as investment strategies. How is this related to marketing? The investments gained from foreign markets allows the company to redevelop supply chain, increase global expansion and gives the capital necessary to make marketing improvements company-wide. Protecting intellectual property and ensuring that licensing agreements are enforced would be a part of the business focus which is directly tied to marketing strategies as a form of risk control and brand control.

Counterfeiting is a real problem in the upscale retail market and Burberry has dropped various fashions because they can be easily reproduced and erode the brand (Mitchell). Though this is legal protectionism, it is part of the marketing focus as the Burberry brand (and its licensing partners) are a significant portion of brand strategy and total sales promotion.

Price not an Issue?

Because of the shift in the mid-level consumer to a high-priced mentality, pricing is not a significant focus of the company related to the marketing mix. Of course, any business is going to have budget restrictions and other issues related to finance, however there is not significant evidence of reference to extensive or complicated pricing models other than that of strategic expectations related to sales growth. Why is this? It could be attributed to shifts in consumer patterns where competitive pricing on quality merchandise is guaranteeing superior sales volumes. As Burberry is not a retailer of luxury goods but has positioned the business as luxury-inspired, consumers appear to be willing to pay superior or competitive prices.

It would be somewhat irresponsible to say that Burberry does not focus whatsoever on pricing, however it does not appear to be a critical success factor for the company other than in terms of revenue gains. It is attitude and a contemporary connection with the customer which justifies Burberry’s price positioning strategies.

Men as Marketing Advantage

Unlike many multi-consumer retailers, Burberry is gaining profitability through sales of mens’ wear clothing, suggesting that this is because men are steering away from casual dress and moving toward semi-formal fashions (, 2007). These male consumers are reacting in an environment where they are willing to pay upscale prices so long as they feel they are not being ripped off (, 2007). In terms of understanding the male consumer, Burberry has positioned itself well by providing higher-end mens’ wear merchandise and providing the consumer sentiment of quality at a reasonable price.

The company’s position related to the male consumer again comes back to understanding the external business environment and capitalising on its trends. Having a flexible business model in terms of supply chain improvements and stock ordering changes as well as having a business which is quick to react to changing consumer values and preferences has given the business a strong edge in terms of reaching the male client. The apparent ability to shift merchandise in and out based on what demographic has leaned positively toward the brand is a critical success factor of Burberry’s overall marketing (and operations) model.

The Missed Deadline

Referring back to supply chain and logistics, Burberry maintains another competitive advantage as their largest domestic competitors are relying on outdated technologies in distribution. Passariello (2008) offers that Harvey Nichols misses delivery deadlines to customers regularly. Burberry, however, has spent considerable financial resources in redeveloping the technological aspects of supply chain which allows the company the flexibility to reduce unsold merchandise and replenish with new stock, as well as ensuring timely deliveries (Passariello).

Issues of supply chain would not seem to be significant in terms of maintaining superior sales volumes, however it is all about the positioning strategies of the company and its brand. Ensuring adequate supply and timely delivery dates will only serve to create enhanced consumer perceptions of quality customer service, delighting them in not only product but in the delivery systems which provide it. Harvey Nichols caters to the upscale consumer as well at it would not bid well for the company and its consumer sentiment ratios if antiquated technology systems create perceptions of lack of quality and value. Simply by being efficient, Burberry appears to maintain a superior and flexible distribution and stock replenishment model.

There are also only a small number of suppliers from which Burberry buys its merchandise, creating risk for the company (Burberry Annual Report). However, the company understands these risks and works on continuous improvements to counter these risks such as the development of manufacturing capabilities. This only tends to illustrate that Burberry is adaptable and well-suited for further enhancements to supply chain and distribution as a means to minimise risk to the business and ensure adequate product supply.


Though it is clear that Burberry experiences considerable marketing advantages in terms of supply chain, positioning, and consumer research knowledge, the business might benefit from granting higher emphasis to advertising promotion. Using catalogs as the primary medium for reaching upscale-minded consumers could be expanded with the utilisation of direct mailing strategies and other electronic promotional materials to widen Burberry’s target reach. Research uncovered no evidence of similar campaigns currently in existence at Burberry and these are low-cost efforts to boost marketing efforts and achieve higher sales volumes. It is likely that a similar campaign would work in non-domestic sales environments if catered to the unique consumer culture.


Clearly, Burberry enjoys the position of a marketing leader with strong advantages in distribution, a solid brand and a solid focus toward growth and improvement. Understanding what drives the customer to make a purchase is a foundation of the business’ strengths and Burberry has created a positive consumer sentiment and a quality reputation as a sales and product leader. All of these benefits are being enjoyed by a flexible and progressive marketing model whereby the business responds to changes in the business environment quickly rather than working on the premise that consumer trends are always going to remain the same.

In terms of competition, Burberry clearly outperforms them in terms of increased global sales volumes and in ensuring adequate supply of what the consumer really desires. Whether it is shifts in mens’ wear preferences or a trend toward the haphazard, it appears that Burberry understands its risks and limitations (as well as strengths) as related to distribution and is acting on a continuous improvement philosophy of adaptability. This links the business’ marketing competence with leadership and a business goal toward marketing excellence.

Linking a mid-level brand with upscale exclusivity is a significant success of Burberry and can be attributed to a brand focus which reacts to consumer sentiment. Creating the impression of a luxury brand has been accomplished with a shift from traditional to contemporary and, essentially, white-washing the company to create a fresher consumer perception. It has apparently worked for Burberry as the company’s sales revenues and expansion ratios tend to speak for themselves.

It would be best to suggest that Burberry has found just the right connection with their target consumers and work continuously to stay connected with them. By taking the approach of brand unification, the firm’s one brand strategy, it makes the business less reliant on the brand power of other competitors but allows the business to focus on its core brand strengths. This appears to be what Burberry is all about: Creating consumer value and positive sentiment with a well-established brand name that speaks volumes about the company’s attitude and culture.

In a selling environment where economic conditions can potentially erode successful sales, other companies which are failing to meet financial expectations might take a second look at Burberry and ask what the company is doing right to thrive in a difficult marketplace. Burberry’s marketing models are both efficient and value-adding, giving the firm a well-positioned brand which can outperform competition and ensure longevity for the company. Not every company could say the same.

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BMW and Mercedes Benz Marketing Strategies


The automotive businesses BMW and Mercedes-Benz are two organisations in continuous rivalry. These two firms were chosen because they produce the same commodities that make them rivals worldwide. This essay aims at comparing, contrasting and evaluating marketing strategies employed by two distinct firms.

Marketing, according to the American Marketing Association, can be defined as the activity and process of communicating, creating and delivering the offers that have values for the clients, customers, partners and the public fraternity at large. Marketing is the core aspect of any business and without it, no sale can be made. A proper marketing strategy will enable it win more customers in the market and make high profit. The aforementioned companies have laid a number of similar and dissimilar strategies in marketing the automobiles (Banner, 2012).

Both Mercedes-Benz and BMW are famous for their consistent manufacture and sale of quality motor vehicles and the paraphernalia. The two companies have a long history of supplying the automobile market with very sophisticated and efficient different car types. It is this innovative nature of the companies that has always led to the satisfaction of millions of customers worldwide.

BMW Company tends to specialize on the manufacture and sale of premium segments of the automobiles (Dudovskiy, 2013). The premium segmentation has enabled BMW to produce well built and superior cars that have, in return, drawn the attention of numerous customers in the world market and, has also retained the loyalty of the existing buyers. The high quality vehicles have, therefore, led to the annual increase in sale and hence profit growth. Mercedes-Benz also practices the premium segmentation and has been very successful in designing quality and durable cars through this. However, Mercedes-Benz has been making efforts to manufacture a variety of car models that target the interest of the young generation. BMW models though exist in different sizes, have been critized as conservative (Saliu, O. 2012.).

BMW and Mercedes Benz Marketing Strategies

The two automobile companies have been long time rivals since early 90s; each one of them attempting to ape the other. For instance, in the mid 90s, both of them used the media, Hollywood in particular, to globally market their cars. In 1995, BMW model was featured in the “Golden Eye”, a film by James Bond. The audience got to see the speed and strength of BMW car through the film. In rivalry, Mercedes made a deal with the Universal Pictures a year later to have its model filmed in the production of “The Lost World” (Ken, 2014).

In the era that the Japanese automobile companies hit the market with more luxurious car models such as Lexus, both BMW and Mercedes had to shift their marketing techniques in order to counteract this external rivalry. In so doing, the two German companies shifted from advertising in the line of luxury as does the Japanese and, instead, concentrated on the quality and value of the car. Furthermore, the duo had considered lowering the car prices, a move that quickly helped them retain their acquired customer loyalty and increase the sales.

The BMW marketing strategy has displayed uniqueness in the origin and approach. One aspect of this uniqueness is the formation and support of a strong dealer network from various nations. The Dedicated Dealer Marketing service (DDMS) has aided the company in the local marketing and sale through different promotions and advertisement (BMW 2). The dealers usually stock quality images of the cars, which directly communicate to the customers on behalf of the company. Besides these magnificent images, there is a continuous customer contacts program put in place by the dealers to ensure quality service delivery and loyalty of the clients. Not much is known about the Mercedes on the continuous customer contacts program.

Other than the above mentioned, BMW has also employed a wide range of other advertising techniques that include branding and launching of new models. One peculiar aspect in all the BMW advertisement is the focus that has always been centralized on the commodity of interest; the car. Such advertisements usually come with bold messages of persuasion such as “at BMW, idea is everything”. The car models come different sizes; from 3-series to 7-series. They are also painted in with diverse beautiful colors to satisfy the taste of a range of customers. BMW has used journals and print magazines like Monocle to for display of their sole product.

In creating a good image of the company and enhancing more publicity, BMW has been sponsoring sporting events such as the Olympics. In 2012, BMW sponsored the Olympic Games and used the very occasion to market the company. It also sponsors the BMW championship golf tournament that is held annually. Mercedes-Benz has not ventured enough in sponsorship as a way of marketing.

Pricing strategy of BMW that is referred to as the “premium-tization” has greatly polarized the automobile market (Dudovskiy, 2013). The premium- tization has been effective in prompting the customers to pay high prices in return of the high quality cars, a strategy that has been partially emulated by Mercedes.

According to Luxury Daily, Mercedes-Benz has been very dynamic and has embraced the digital world of marketing (Li, 2004.).  In advertisement, the Mercedes Company has fully explored the social media such as Facebook and Tweeter to reach a multitude of the young generation customers.  The Facebook page for Mercedes has close to 2.5 million brand images, videos and other relevant links for the clientele. It is on such a social media page that the company and the customers freely interact and strike deals. The customers write on Facebook wall of the company and get instant reply to their queries. Mercedes has also encouraged the use of videos to chat with the esteemed customers who in return, feel the personal touch. The You-tube videos about the car models have also campaigned a lot for the company (Saliu, 2012). BMW has not yet considered reaching out for the digital generation in this manner.

Mercedes-Benz models, like the BMW, have also been advertised in the print magazines and journals that purpose to affluent the tech-savvy shoppers. Mercedes is the leading luxury automobile manufacturer in Asia.

On a closer evaluation, the two German automobile companies have not yet reached some parts of the world with their marketing. BMW must join Mercedes in the social media marketing and target the new generation. Both companies should consider price reduction so as to acquire more market in the developing nations. The spare parts of the models have not been easily accessible and this has made a fraction of the potential customers turning away. In conclusion, the said consideration should be effected and included in the advertisement.

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Giffords Ice Cream Marketing Strategies | Product Strategy


Implementation Plan For Giffords

Gifford’s, ice cream is offering the different type of deserts with rich flavour in old-fashioned ways. In order to get more share of the market and sustain existing one, it is necessary for the company to remain in competition by providing the focus of innovations. So, it is suggested to Gifford’s to offer ice-cream cake.

Vision Statement

It is our vision to provide taste and health according to the desire of customers. Lead innovation and quality service by fulfilling the desires and needs of consumers and customers with the strong brand.

Mission Statement

To produce quality products with cost efficiency and in the safe and clean environment. We will improve regularly all our business factors to get success for long-term and to operate on the

financial basis of growth that is profitable.


  1. The goal of a company is to increase 40% sale of ice-cream cake in a year.
  2. The company will increase its ice-cream cake flavour from 5 to 15 within two years.

Integrated Marketing Mix

Product Strategy

The strategies are made in order to promote the product more among the competitors and among the people who are going to use the product. The strategies that are made should be implementing accordingly so that they can give good and positive results as well. Products give best results only then, when they are promoted well and when they are positively distributed among the minds of people. Product promotion strategies are essential to make so that product can get a high place in the market and can beat the competitors well.

  • The target market for the product is younger population and families, and the people of other age.
  • The offered product can provide advantages to customers due to versatility in flavours and good quality health products.
  • The target customers prefer to purchase our product due to the range of flavour as well as repute of the company in offering healthy and low-fat products that provide it with the advantage over its competitors.
  • The benefit of the product will prove important for customers, as customers are now my conscious about their health and they prefer to eat healthy products with the range of flavors as everyone wants diversity and change.
  • The product is different from its competitors in term of flavours and quality. Furthermore, we are offering customized ice-cream cake that provides you with the good experience. It is the strategy of Gifford’s, to never compromise on quality and provides customers with low fats hygienic products. This strategy is the competitive advantage of the Gifford’s, over its competitors. The positioning map of the product make the situation clearer

Giffords Marketing Strategies

  • The marketing message of the company in order to differentiate its brand is “All time, ice cream time”.
  • Gifford’s is not the company to offer you variety of ice-cream flavors, but it also has the commitment to its customers to provide them with quality and healthy products. Now, customers can eat our products without any fair of fats or other health-related issues. It has the commitment to its customers to provide them with the variety of flavors since its existence and it is our priority to provide families with everlasting marvelous experience.
  • We are providing awareness of health to the customers so that they can make best and suitable choice in all aspects. We never compromise to the quality and this is the reason for our fame.
  • The company will offer online services and good serving experience to our customers. Gifford’s is also will also offer 24/7 customer’s support and warranties to the quality of products.

BCG matrix of Gifford’s

Giffords Marketing Strategies

Slogan Or Marketing Message

“Eat good feel well”

This slogan or message attracts the customers towards a good place and towards good health strategies as well.

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Amazon Social Media Campaign | Strategies



The Amazon Company is the leading company in term of selling the products to the overall world. The most important factor is that the services they offer to the people are very much improvised and unique that they can get the best products from them with most prestigious quality and as well as with the perspective of working efficiently and with the most affordable and reasonable prices for the people. The most important feature is that they are now going to run a campaign about the improvement of the profit-generating ratio of the Amazon.

The most important is that this campaign is run on the social media site that is now a day very much efficiently and it is very much used by the people in terms of keeping themselves connected with the whole world. Therefore, this campaign will benefit their working efficiencies as well as it generates more profit for them as well. (LePage, 2018)

Amazon Social Media Campaign


The goals on achieving this campaign to give positive results in terms of making it more efficient and successful are to best provide the help in terms of making the campaign very much informative and very much successful so that it can attract more customers or clients towards the site. In accordance with the use of best resources for the campaign to be successful the following working efficiency which generates the best profit for the people when they use this website well with the efficiency of making the product very much easily accessible by the people.

Social media is the most important factor that will increase the result of the profit ratio for the Amazon Inc. In terms of achieving good grades, the company must focus on the working efficiency of the people who are involved in this campaign. The more campaign people have focused on the working of the campaign the more they get the best results after the campaign. (SAILER, 2018)

Public Segmented

The campaign nature is segmented between the people of different age groups. The conversion of people with this age group makes the work easy and précised so that they can easily know about this that what they have in the company for them. Each age people wanted to take the things that suit his age group as a must. The most important is that they are going to manage the working of the social media campaign with the best efficiency because if they do not be taken care efficiently then it will fail and hence that campaign will not provide any benefits for the profit increasing efficiency of the organization.

The most important is another task, which is to work in segments one, must be extra efficient so that it can be easily made efficient for the people to use it. The people should have the easy approach towards the social media sites where you are going to run your campaign. (Hemley, 2014)


The following strategies must be made by the company Amazon in order to run their camping best in the market for their working. The most important is that they work with consistency, as they must not focus only on the working they also focus keenly on the working improvement strategies towards the organization. The strategies if good then those strategies will help the organization in improving the working strategy of the organization. The more you work best in the implementation of the strategy the more success you will get in the campaign in terms of getting a highly successful result in the future of the company.

Key Messages

Key messages are the communicating tools that are needed for the employees to get communicate in between each other in terms of communicating an important thing that must be delivered by them. The key message in this campaign is the use of the alarming factor for the people top gets more interest in their campaign. The key messages keep the people alert and active about the new terms and techniques and in order to affect the working efficiency of the organization. The people who get these messages will get more efficiency with their use of that website in order to use that site efficiently. (York, 2018)


The objective of this campaign is to increase the profit efficiency of the Amazon Inc. The profit amount of Amazon Inc is the most important factor in which company is based on. The organization’s focus is on the profit generation with the reliability of the people on their organization in order to get the services only from them. The objective of this campaign is also the increase of the fame and good reputation of the company worldwide.

Therefore, too many international organizations will catch up the working efficiency of the organization and can get more profit. The fulfillment of these objectives depends upon the consistent working of the strategies made with accurate efficiency as well.


The following channels are on the focus list of our organization as they are the most famous social media sites by the number of followers. In addition, people rely or trust more on these application’s news and reports as compared to the other sites that are working on the same aspect of the market. The twitter, the face book and the Instagram are our main focus as there are too many likes of these apps and as well as people also easily can recommend others through these sites. So these tactics when used they will give the best output and the best efficiency in terms of making it more profitable for the people to choose. (Post, 2018)

Evaluation Techniques

The techniques or methods that they focus on the working efficiency check of the campaign are those who efficiently provide the best results among the others. The most important technique is that to evaluate the working of the employees that are handling the situation and those are handling the social media site, whether they are active or not. Because if they become lazy then they cannot be able to get the best, results and their efforts will go wrong. The evaluation techniques are also to be monitored very much carefully by the head of operations and managers of the Inc so that both can give the best efforts to the organization.

Example Creative

  • The new and advanced advertisements are made in order to attract the people.
  • New offers have been announced with the attraction of discounted prices for the people.
  • New coupons are being launched for the new clients so that they can shop easily without any issue.


Summing up all the points we can say that the Amazon Inc strategies and techniques in order to run their social media campaign efficiently is very much effective and improved in terms of making their profit ratio high and in terms of making their working efficiency very much unique and efficient that depicts this that the company will grow more if they focus on this campaign easily and efficiently as well.

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Acai Berry Advertisement Evaluation | Advertisement Strategies


Acai Berry Advertisement

Acai Berry Advertisement Evaluation


Acai berries are a fruit, which shapes like grapes, black in colour. They are originated from Acai palms grown in rainforests of South America. These berries are concerned with many health benefits including losing weight, clearer skin, they also prevent from cancer researchers are working on this point but it can help in the prevention of cancer like other berries. It has a number of nutrition facts just like electrolytes, trace minerals, amino acids and a very less amount of important fatty acids as well. It also has antioxidants like anthocyanins, polyphones, vitamins A, C and E. It has omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 and other fatty acids like linoleic acid, plasmatic acid and oleic acid as well.

Certain essential amino acids, Electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and manganese), B vitamins (B1, B2 and B3), Plant sterols (B-sit sterol, camp sterol and sigma sterol), Dietary fibre, Trace minerals (iron, calcium, copper and zinc). The advertisement about the Acai berries super food includes all the essential parts, which can attract those peoples who want these benefits for their health. It has all the benefits include which when one utilizes can get a healthy and prosperous life ahead. (David Kiefer, 2016)


The product Acai berry diet capsules are manufactured by an international medicine company Natrol. They advertised for it very well. As they bring in it the entire essential and key benefits that can help in promoting these capsules very much efficiently. The advertisements they made are very much attractive e and they contain enough material, which can convince anyone to use it and buy it at once. It attracts the people of age between 22 to 40 years old. These capsules have the surety to lose weight in four to five weeks with no side effects. There are many benefits to use these pills as they have proven and tested by scientists with proper authentication of them. This advertisement contains the guaranteed stamp from the food and health supervised authorities.

This advertisement is published in Sunday Express Magazine describes all the essential and important beneficial facts that are very much important to know by the people because they are going to use it for their weight loss. The most attractive factor of these capsules is that they have not very Geneon side effects as the user when uses it must have the proper diet related to it may not use any ether medication with it, do not over diet it and may not use it with unhealthy food items like alcohol or any other dangerous energy drinks. (Brent A. Bauer, 2015)

This advertisement will attract more people and inspire them as well to use it as some of the renowned celebrity is published in this advertisements so that people will trust more on this product because it is tested by the experts and used by their favourite celebrity whom which they trust more on it. This advertisement captures the users by the line “Worth the weight” this line attracts those people at once who have a lot of weight and sick of it. The regular use of this pill will help them in losing their weight without any worse effects on their health especially.

Advertisement Strategies

This advertisement includes few strategies, which can attract customers very much that are first:  Use of ingredients; when ingredients of any product are displayed on the product or its advertisement it became very helpful for the user to know about their positive and negative aspects of all the ingredients used to manufacture it. Because people became very much conscious of their health and it must be the very much important consideration of the manufacturer as well. Secondly: it indicates towards the use of fresh fruits as well with the capsules and it avoids people to use some unhealthy and unhygienic food items, which can cause an adverse effect on their health. Thirdly: The celebrity advertised in this add has the generously much weight put on but when people say it’s losing weight they will definitely use it by trusting it that it is a Geneon product to use for losing weight with proper testing of the food experts.

Positive Aspect

The positive aspect of this product is that it has the entire natural ingredient placed in its manufacturing. It is attractive to the customers and the celebrity used for the advertisement has truly tested it on her health. (

Negative aspect

These supplements advertisements are also manufactured by other companies as well so somehow people may not attract towards it first by considering it as the same as others have shown them already. People somehow may able to know this that some ingredients present in the making of these supplements may have an adverse effect on the health such as too much eating of this may cause mouth swelling and liver inflammation as well. (Ahmed, 2017)


Summing up all the points and aspects of the advertisements point of view from my report we can say that the advertisement of every product may be very much attractive and also affordable for the users because people want to solve their issues and they also want it no normal prices a swell with good results. All the negative and positive aspects of the advertisements must be considered in view by the people because it is related to the health of people that is very essential to be considered carefully. The positive aspects must be mentioned and all the negative aspects which are not to be mentioned in the advertisement must be aware by the people who have been known by people so that they may not get worried or disturbed by the use of that product or any harmful aspect may not cause any loss to them.

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