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A company is setting its direct materials and direct labor standards for its leading product. Direct material costs from the supplier are​ $7 per square​ foot, net of purchase discount.​ Freight-in amounts to​ $0.10 per square foot. Basic wages of the assembly line personnel are​ $19 per hour. Payroll taxes are approximately​ 25% of wages. How much is the direct labor cost standard per​ hour

The formula for calculating the direct labor standard is: Direct labor standard = Basic wages + Payroll tax or Direct labor standard = Basic wages + 25% of Basic wages   Substituting the given values into the equation: Direct labor standard = $19 + 0.25 * $19 Direct labor standard …

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The school band will sell pizza to raise money for new uniforms. the supplier charges 100$ plus $4 per.pizza. the band members sell the pizza.for $7 each. write and solve an inequality to find how many pizzas the band members have to sell to make a profit

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