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Studies continue to prove that if a girl stays in school she will strengthen her family, community, and nation. A long list of benefits of educating a girl in a developing country compiled by the World Health Organization includes later marriages, smaller families, better hygiene, greatly increased likelihood that further children will receive education, and my favorite – greater confidence. A bicycle is a simple, sustainable tool that eases long travel distances and encourages girls to stay in school. —Foreword to Wheels of Change, Leah Missbach Day What is the central idea of this passage from the foreword?

Here are a few pointers; hope this is useful) Ovation-by definition- is show of appreciation from an audience, for a person’s accomplishments or flaw. “Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world.” A person’s accomplishment could be how they made a positive change in this world, strong …

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The goal of the USDA is to: A. be the first to report on the number of deaths from foodborne pathogens B. provide leadership to maintain a safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply for all Americans. C. be the first to report on the number of illnesses from foodborne pathogens D. All of the choices are correct.

Answer: R = 7,87N to the left at 82,26° above the horizontal Explanation: Graph1: situation drawing (attached image) Graph2: Resulting from the forces on the x ‘- y’ axes (attached image) Fx’ = (12 – 8,4)N = 3,6N to the right at 35° above the horizontal Fy’ = (31 – …

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Total Value and Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products Introduction Business Sustainability is the term that explains the management of the business by means of financial issues socially economical aspect and related to the environment-friendly atmosphere as well. Sustainability is very much important and essential for any business to meet the needs and demands of the sustainability. …

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Project Management and Sustainable Development

Project Management In Sustainable Development Introduction Project management is that kind of study that manages and maintains the study in an organization in terms of keeping the workings in an effective way in the organization. Undertaking management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and last the work of …

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