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“If I do not quit, then I am not giving up. If I am not giving up, then I am not failing. Therefore, If I do not quit, then I am not failing.” This is an example of which property or law? A. Law of Syllogism B. Addition Property C. Symmetric Property D. Law of Detachment

Answer: The correct options are 1, 3 and 6. Step-by-step explanation: The given function is It is parent absolute function. The graph of any absolute function is always V-shaped. Therefore the graph of f(x) is V-shaped. Option 1 is correct. If the sign before the modulus is positive, then the …

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Which term best describes a proof in which you assume the opposite of what you want to prove? A. Proof by syllogism B. Proof by contradiction C. Proof by contrapositive D. Proof by converse

The basis to respond this question are: 1) Perpedicular lines form a 90° angle between them. 2) The product of the slopes of two any perpendicular lines is – 1. So, from that basic knowledge you can analyze each option: a.Lines s and t have slopes that are opposite reciprocals. …

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