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Read the poem below and answer the question that follows. “Blazon” by Cecilia Woloch —after Breton My love with his hair of nightingales With his chest of pigeon flutter, of gray doves preening themselves at dawn With his shoulders of tender balconies half in shadow, half in sun My love with his long-boned thighs the map of Paris of my tongue With his ink-stained tongue, his tongue the tip of a steeple plunged into milky sky My love with his wishing teeth With his fingers of nervous whispering, his fingers of a boy whose toys were cheap and broken easily My love with his silent thumbs With his eyes of a window smudged of a train that passes in the night With his nape of an empty rain coat hung by the collar, sweetly bowed My love with his laughter of an empty stairwell, rain all afternoon With his mouth the deepest flower to which I have ever put my mouth Source: Woloch, Cecilia. “Blazon.” Blogalicious. Diane Lockward, 17 Jan. 2010. Web. 17 May 2011. How does this poem represent a modern version of the blazon? A. The poet selects less expected features and comparisons. B. The poet uses the conventions of the blazon structure. C. The poet uses parody and omission to emphasize her love. D. The poet uses rhyme and iambic pentameter to exaggerate the subject’s beauty.

Answered by answersmine AT 22/10/2019 – 02:46 AM The poem represent a modern version of the Blazon by Cecilia Woloch with The poet uses rhyme and iambic pentameter to exaggerate the subject’s beauty. The answer is letter D. The story shows how Cecilia loved his husband by implicitly describing how and what she …

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Match the careers with the job tasks. Tiles 1.agricultural technician 2.hydroelectric technician 3.home appliance repairman 4.textile tender Pairs A.analyzes water for environmental issues, such as drought, pollution, or erosion B.gathers crop or animal samples for scientific testing C.operates and tends cutting machines for various textiles D. troubleshoots and repairs faulty machinery and equipment

Technician is a worker trained with special skills, especially in science and engineering. 1. Agricultural technician – gathers crop or animal samples for scientific testing. (Agricultural: used for farming or relating to farming.) 2. Hydorelectric technician – Analyzes water for envinromental issues, such as drought, pollution, or erosion. (Hydroelectric – …

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Read the following exchange between Romeo and Juliet from act I of Romeo and Juliet. What does the excerpt reveal about the love between the two young people? ROMEO: (to JULIET) If I profane with my unworthiest hand This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss. JULIET: Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, Which mannerly devotion shows in this; For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch, And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss. ROMEO: Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too? JULIET: Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer. Their love is based on both physical and emotional attraction. Their love is shallow and based on defying their families. Their love is driven by their intellectual needs. Their love is instant and illogical. NextReset

Answer: Dogs can be strong companions, but they also have needs that many people forget to address. Explanation: The author’s claim is that many people forget to address the needs of their dogs. The author continues to talk about some of those needs, like regular washing and grooming to avoid …

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