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Just one person survived the crash—Danielle. The other eight passengers are now gone, thanks to the evil deeds of others. It is up to Danielle to seek revenge on behalf of all those families who will never know the truth. Revenge, however, is not so easy. Danielle will have to survive a trek into the deepest, darkest part of the jungle before breaking into Giovanni’s well-guarded headquarters. But, before any of that can happen, Danielle must first overcome immediate problems: she is in a pit filled with poisonous snakes, her right arm is broken, and her only hope of escape is a crazy man named Tim. science fiction fable adventure fantasy



The correct answer is that this passage makes part of an Adventure.


The reason comes from knowing the different genres and styles of writing fiction and also taking into account the way that the situation is being narrated. In this passage, the writer is telling us about a woman, Danielle, who, after a terrible accident is found herself alone, in a really dangerous situation, in an even more dangerous and mysterious place, which she must survive in order to carry out her final goal, which is to deliver justice to those who caused the crash and the death of her fellow passengers. The fact that the passage itself narrates the terrible happenings, bust most of all, the difficult circumstances that Danielle must face for survival, shows that the author wants us to almost get into this adventure of survival with the character and understand how difficult this will be for her. These are all characteristics of the Adventure genre in literature.