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Which revision corrects the punctuation errors in this complex sentence with two dependent clauses? We picked these apples, when we went upstate which was on Tuesday. Remove the comma after “apples” and put a comma after “upstate.” Leave the comma after “apples” and add a comma after “upstate.” Remove the comma after “apples” and do not add any other commas. Remove the comma after “apples” and add a comma after “was.”

The answer to your question would be that the revision that corrects the punctuation errors in the sentence is the following one: Remove the comma after “apples” and put a comma after “upstate.”

The first comma should be removed (the one after apples) because it provides information that is considered essential to the meaning of the sentence, it states the time when they picked the apples. Then, there should be a comma after “upstate” because the information that follows (a relative clause further specifying the date) is non essential. As such, it should be separated from the rest of the sentence.

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Which statement is an opinion supported by a fact? A. Georgia O’Keeffe was an American painter who famously painted desert landscapes with animal skulls. B. Georgia O’Keeffe painted scenes of desert landscapes and New York City, not upstate New York where she lived. C. Georgia O’Keeffe was a great artist, and she was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1962. D. Georgia O’Keeffe must have liked the desert a lot. She painted her most beautiful paintings while she lived there. EASY QUESTION easy answer free 100 points so please help

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Correct answer is D. Comma or Period Inside Rule

A. Question mark or exclamation point inside: those are not really necessary.

B. Colon or semicolon: not, a semicolon would divide the whole sentence and it would be shorten; a colon would work but after requested, when there is already a comma.

C. Question mark or Exclamation Point Outside Rule: would not work, becase it is an very polite and affirmative sentence.

D: A comma or period inside rule: actually, just a comma would work. Please, Cooper’s dad requested, go… Cooper’s dad requested must be in between commas as it is a vocative.

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