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WILL GET BRAINLIEST Study the image above, Which of the following would you place in the section labeled “D”? A. A member of this branch must have first been a lawyer, have spent years as a judge, and is appointed by the President B. People who have served in this branch must have volunteered for the military and spend many years in overseas countries C. The leader of this branch is over 35, a U.S, Citizen at birth, and has lived in the United States for the last 14 years or more D. Individuals who wish to work for this branch have different requirements depending of the section they are elected to serve



Americans will pay more for goods produced in Mexico in 2011.


This is a situation of devaluation of the dollar in relation to the Mexican peso. If in 2009 the dollar was worth 16 pesos, but in 2011 it is 14, it means that the purchasing power of the dollar in relation to the Mexican peso has decreased, although it is still high.

In that case, for an American to buy products produced in Mexico in 2011, he or she will spend a little more dollars than he or she would spend in 2009. This is common, since the currencies fluctuate according to the financial market . Thus, the dollar can be valued or devalued, as happened in this example.

If, for example, in 2015 the dollar will buy 20 pesos, it will mean that the dollar appreciated in relation to the peso, increasing the purchasing power of Americans for Mexican products.