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Natural Forces Affecting the Driver In one or more complete sentences, explain how natural laws apply to the following scenarios: How does inertia affect a person who is not wearing a seatbelt during a collision? How does kinetic energy affect the stopping distance of a vehicle traveling at 30 mph compared to the same vehicle traveling at 60 mph? How does kinetic energy affect the stopping distance of a small vehicle compared to a large vehicle? Keeping in mind the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle, how can a driver best prepare to enter sharp curves in the roadway? Using information about natural laws, explain why some car crashes produce minor injuries and others produce catastrophic injuries. Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings Imagine you are taking a road trip! Select a destination and navigate the trip. Answer the following questions in one or more complete sentences: Where will you go on your trip? You approach a railroad crossing with a cross buck sign that has no lights or gates. What should you do? You arrive at an intersection with traffic lights that are not working because of a power outage. What do you do? There is a flashing yellow light at the intersection you are approaching. What does the flashing yellow light indicate, and what should you do to safely navigate this intersection? On the road you are traveling, the pavement markings change from broken white lines to solid white lines between the lanes of traffic. What does the line change mean? After an hour on the expressway, your passengers need to use the restroom and they want to get some food. As you approach the next exit, what color sign will you look for, and what type of information would you expect to see on that sign? When you take the exit ramp off the expressway and merge onto the next road, you see yellow lines dividing the roadway. What do the yellow lines tell you about the traffic flow?


Natural Forces Affecting the Driver:

1. While the car stops, the person continues moving the way that the car were moving and then hits the obstacle in the car or the person can be thrown out of the vehicle. If the person wears belt, he will stop moving with the vehicle and won’t hit the obstacle.

2. We count approximate kinetic energy using the formula K = v^2. So the vehicle which is moving at 30 mph will have four times less kinetic energy than vehicle which is moving at 60 mph. If they have the same road conditions, the breaking distance will be four times as great for the car moving twice as fast.

3. Kinetic energy depends on object’s mass and velocity and it has direct relationship with the stopping distance. The lesser mass of the vehicle = the lesser kinetic energy and lesser stopping distance. => If both vehicles have the same velocity, then small vehicle has lesser kinetic energy than large vehicle.

4. We know that kinetic energy has this relationship with velocity K = v^2. So the best way to prepare to enter sharp curves in the roadway is to lower the speed. The most appropriate speed is 20-30 mph, but it depends on road conditions and car’s breaks condition.

5. Car crashes can happen with everyone so the best way is to be prepared. First the driver should wear a seatbelt while he’s driving. He should check his tires and breaks condition regularly. And also it’s important to slow down the vehicle while entering sharp curves. Without following these rules, the driver can get catastrophic injuries in a car crash.

Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings: 

1. It doesn’t matter where you go. All you need is to learn highway code. It’s very different to know the meanings of every road sign. Also, it’s necessary to check your car’s conditions and you should take some spare parts for your car in case of accidents. So wherever you go, it’s important to be prepared.

2. You should stop before crossing and take few minutes to make sure there is no train approaching. If there is no train approaching, you can pass a railroad crossing. If you see approaching train, you should wait until it will pass a railroad crossing.

3. You should stop before the lights and wait to check the traffic movement and signs. Make sure that everything is safe and pass the intersection. Don’t move fast to avoid accidents.

4. Flashing yellow light means that it’s not necessary to stop but you should to pay attention on the traffic movement. So it would be better to yield before the lights and make sure if it’s safe to move. After that you can cross the intersection.

5. The line change means that the lane changes and you can’t cross solid lines. Pay more attention on road marking because it shows how you should behave on the road or highway.

6. As you approach the next exit and  your passengers need to use the restroom and get some food, you should look for green signs which indicate food and rest stops. You should to slow down if you don’t want to skip the sign.

7. When you take the exit ramp off the expressway and merge onto the next road, you see yellow lines dividing the roadway which indicates that there is oncoming traffic and this is a two-way highway. 


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Which of the following will help you protect yourself from the UV rays in sunlight A) not using sunscreen B) wearing a hat that protects your entire head C) exposing as much skin as possible to sunlight D) sunbathing between the hours of 10.a.m. and 4 p.m.


1. The answer is “C”.

“Identical twins” who have been raised apart are typically more similar in intelligence level than biological siblings raised together because they have been born with the same genetic code.

Identical twins originate from a single fertilized egg that parts into two. Before it parts, it is either male or female. After it parts, there are either two guys or two females. The two sections of the fertilized egg embed in the uterus and every create one of the twins.  

Identical twins have the equivalent hereditary source. No immediate reason for monozygotic twinning has been resolved; it isn’t innate. Monozygotic twins speak to around 33% all things considered. They may look strikingly comparative, and it might be hard to reveal to them separated.

2. The answer is “A”.

Lawrence Kohlberg felt that one of the only ways individuals will accomplish the objectives in each of his six stages was to participate in “consensus democracy” in small group settings.

Lawrence Kohlberg felt that the best way to support development through these stages was by discourse of good problems and by investment in consensus democracy inside small groups. Consensus democracy was rule by understanding of the gathering, not larger part rule. This would invigorate and widen the reasoning of youngsters and grown-ups, enabling them to advance starting with one phase then onto the next.

3. The answer is “D.  showing a learner how to correct common mistakes”.

The term scaffolding alludes to a procedure in which instructors display or exhibit how to take care of an issue, and afterward venture back, offering support as required. Analyst and instructional architect Jerome Bruner first utilized the term ‘scaffolding’ in this setting, harking back to the 1960s. The hypothesis is that when understudies are given the help they require while discovering some new information, they stand a superior possibility of utilizing that learning freely. Bruner suggests positive association and three methods of portrayal amid educating: activities, pictures, and dialect.  


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Which of the following risk factors has the most immediate impact on a person’s health? eating too much junk food not exercising for at least 30 minutes a day not wearing a seat belt while driving smoking cigarettes


This is completely false.

Legal Medications can come with many risks.

For example, oxycodone, a painkiller, is very similar to heroin in the risk of addictiveness as well as abusability.

The same being with amphetamines (adderall/dexedrine) to meth.

Just because it is legal, does not mean it is any safer or more dangerous.


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Read the passage. From “The First Seven Years” by Bernard Malamud “Thanks,” Max said, nervously alert. He was tall and grotesquely thin, with sharply cut features, particularly a beak-like nose. He was wearing a loose, long slushy overcoat that hung down to his ankles, looking like a rug draped over his bony shoulders, and a soggy, old brown hat, as battered as the shoes he had brought in. Identify the plot element in this passage.


Well; You have the classics

1984, you might have been asked to read this one already in school, if not I suggest going ahead and reading it; its fun to be ahead of your class. 

Originally published in 1949 by George Orwell, 1984 depicts a dystopian world of the ‘future’. The book is less of a prediction more then it is a warning of what could be. It follows one character who is desperately trying to remember what real life is like, and gets tangled up in all sorts of messes along the way.

You could read Alice in Wonderland or Mary Poppins, theres a million great classics out there Im sure you can find on any website. 

Personally I prefer fantasy novels; 

Brandon Sanderson’s The Rithmatist 
This book follows a young student through a steampunk style, magic infused world. It takes a moment to not chuckle at the concept of monsters that are essentially drawings, but its a very well done book with beautiful writing and mental scenery 

Patrick Rothfuss’s, The Name of the Wind 
This is my favorite book of all time. Patrick Rothfuss’s work is honestly amazing in this book. Mind you its probably not all that wise for the feint of heart through perhaps the second chapter; but it really is amazing. The sculpting of the world, the depth of the characters its utterly masterful. The story opens with Kote, a fairly normal seeming innkeeper and his dark haired companion Bast. Fairly normal until a man happens upon the inn, looking for a certain Kvothe, a man thought to just be a legend and a story… and Kote’s past is drug up, and other things that should probably be better left alone.


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This political cartoon is from 1915: A political cartoon shows a political boss conducting a chorus with a woman wearing a dress labeled anti. She stands before a group of men in the choir wearing clothing labeled procurer, divekeeper, child labor employer, grafter, cadet, and sweat shop owner. The caption reads, I did not raise my girl to be a voter. Soprano solo with vociferous supporting chorus of male voices. © 2012 Library of Congress [Illus. in AP101.P7 1915] What does the cartoonist imply about political bosses and the issue of women’s suffrage? Political bosses were against women’s suffrage because they feared women might use their votes to end corruption. Political bosses were against women’s suffrage because they knew that most women wanted the right to vote. Political bosses favored women’s suffrage because it would provide more votes for the political machine to control. Political bosses were favored women’s suffrage because they would control women’s votes.


Here are the following effects of loose money and tight
money policies on the actions being listed.

A. A loose money policy
is usually implemented as an effort to encourage economic growth.
This can lead to inflation when uncontrolled. The effects are:

1. Borrowing becomes easy

2. Consumer buys more

3. Since more people are willing to buy,
businesses expand

4. Employment rate increases due to
expansion of businesses

5. Since more people are employed, thus
production also increases


B. A tight money policy is a course of action to restrict spending
in an economy that is growing too quickly or to hold back inflation when it is
rising too fast. This can lead to recession when uncontrolled. The
effects are:

1. Borrowing becomes difficult

2. Consumer buys less

3. Since people don’t have a lot of
money, business don’t expand

4. Unemployment rate increases due to businesses
slowing down

5. Production decreases



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Taylor spends one hour getting ready for school. she insists on only wearing brand-name clothes. taylor also wears specific sunglasses to demonstrate that she is a member of the popular crowd, and she participates in verbal bullying of students in the loner crowd. taylor is most likely to be at what level of the education system?


The First Amendment to the Constitution says: Congress should make no law regarding a foundation of religion, or disallowing the free exercise thereof, or shortening the right to speak freely, or of the press; or the privilege of the general population serenely to amass, and to request of the Government for a review of grievances.

The First Amendment secures a few fundamental opportunities in the United States including flexibility of religion, the right to speak freely, the flexibility of the press, the privilege to gather, and the privilege to appeal to the administration. It was a piece of the Bill of Rights that was included in the Constitution December 15, 1791.


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You may not operate a vehicle unless all child passengers __________ are either wearing a safety belt assembly or are securely fastened into an approved child restraint device.


Generally, you should address two topics: safely in  a normal situation and emergency safety.

First, you should tell them how to behave on the boat, for example what kind of behaviour could lead the boat to capsize and that they shouldn’t drink alcohol.

Second, you should inform them what to do in the case of an emergency. For example, you can tell them where the live vests are and how to attract attention while in water (with a whistle attached to the live vest).


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Match the term to its description. 1. deforestation 2. combustion 3. circulation 4. weathering 5. calcium carbonate a. the primary component of mollusk shells and coral skeletons b. the logging of trees, which removes producers from the carbon cycle c. the burning of fossil fuels to make energy d. the process which brings up nutrients from the deep ocean e. the wearing down of rocks over time



The integumentary system covers the surface of the body is true about the integumentry system.


The integumentary system includes the skin, nails, glands, hairs, and nerves. Its main role is to act as a barrier to protect the body from the outside environment. It also retains body fluids, regulates body temperature, eliminates waste products, and protects against disease.

The integumentary system is the largest organ in the body that covers the surface of the body.

Thus, The integumentary system covers the surface of the body is the true statement about the integumentry system.


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Answer this plz 14 students are surveyed about the clothes they are wearing. 8 students are wearing a t-shirt. 2 students aren’t wearing jeans or a t-shirt. 3 students are wearing jeans and a t-shirt. How many students are wearing jeans, but not a t-shirt? 2 3 4 5


The basis to respond this question are:

1) Perpedicular lines form a 90° angle between them.

2) The product of the slopes of two any perpendicular lines is – 1.

So, from that basic knowledge you can analyze each option:

a.Lines s and t have slopes that are opposite reciprocals.

TRUE. Tha comes the number 2 basic condition for the perpendicular lines.

slope_1 * slope_2 = – 1 => slope_1 = – 1 / slope_2, which is what opposite reciprocals means.

b.Lines s and t have the same slope.

FALSE. We have already stated the the slopes are opposite reciprocals.

c.The product of the slopes of s and t is equal to -1

TRUE: that is one of the basic statements that you need to know and handle.

d.The lines have the same steepness.

FALSE: the slope is a measure of steepness, so they have different steepness.

e.The lines have different y intercepts.

FALSE: the y intercepts may be equal or different. For example y = x + 2 and y = -x + 2 are perpendicular and both have the same y intercept, 2.

f.The lines never intersect.

FALSE: perpendicular lines always intersept (in a 90° angle).

g.The intersection of s and t forms right angle.

TRUE: right angle = 90°.

h.If the slope of s is 6, the slope of t is -6

FALSE. – 6 is not the opposite reciprocal of 6. The opposite reciprocal of 6 is – 1/6.

So, the right choices are a, c and g.


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Dean, a man in his 50s, is acting irrationally. his wife states that he thinks he is the dictator of a small country, and he is wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a belt with a small handgun attached to it. what is your best course of action?


Answer: Exhilarating

In literature, “mood” refers to the general feeling that a piece creates within the reader through the use of words and descriptions.

In this excerpt, the author gives several descriptions that make the situation sound difficult, unpredictable and exciting, such as: “deafening noise,” “made the alarm… more intense,” and “a state of anxiety.” These words evoke an exhilarating feeling in the reader.


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In a psychology class, a teacher divided the class by what kinds of shoes they were wearing and then had each group make a list of why their shoes were better than the others. The fact that each group argued that they had the best shoes is an example of: bias. B.discrimination. facilitation. D.stereotyping.


The policy that the government establishes and implements goes through several stages from inception to conclusion. These phases are: building agenda, formulation, adoption, implementation, evaluation and termination. Within the phases of the formulation, decisions are made on new policies, which will, of course, be good decisions for the public good, which are directed to the public.

The answer is: formulation.


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Complete the two-way frequency table below, which shows the relationship between a person’s gender and whether he or she wears his or her favorite sports team’s jersey to sporting events. From a sample of 70 people entering a sports venue, it is found that there are 26 females, 45 people wearing a team jersey, and 17 females not wearing a team jersey. Team Jersey No Team Jersey Total Female 17 26 Male Total 45 70 What is the probability (rounded to the nearest whole percent) that a person entering a sports venue will be a male given that he or she is wearing a team jersey? Are the events being male and wearing a team jersey independent? A. 80%; they are independent B. 80%; they are not independent C. 82%; they are not independent D. 51%; they are independent


Compound growth formula is given as:



  • P is the future value after some time
  • P_{0} is the initial deposit
  • r is the annual rate of interest
  • n is the number of time compounding happens ( n = 1 for annual compounding, n = 2 for semi-annual compounding, n = 4 for quarterly compounding etc.)
  • t is time in years

Given is P = $21,500, r = 6% or 0.06, n = 2 (since semi-annual compounding), and t is 6.

Putting all these into formula and solving for P gives us Sam’s balance at end of 6 years.


Sam will have $30,653.86 at end of 6 years in his account.

ANSWER: $30,653.86


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What does “Here’s a faucet in the basement / that had dripped one drop all year since he fixed it, we can’t find it / without wearing scuba gear.” mean?


Marguerite Annie Johnson, or Maya Angelou as she is better known was born on April 4 in 1928 and died on May 28 in 2014. She was an American poet, singer, memoires writer, and civil rights activist. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, several books of poetry, and is recognized for a list of plays, movies, and television shows during over 50 years. She received dozens of awards and more than 50 honorary degrees. Angelou is best known for her series of seven autobiographies, which focus on her childhood and early adult experiences. The first, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969), tells of her life up to the age of 17 and brought her international recognition and acclaim.

It is precisely from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings that we get these questions.

The answer these questions are:

1.-D. She finds skipping to be more fun than attending class.

2. C. Until now, no female has ever held the position.

3. D. The determination of young Maya Angelou to succeed.

4. D. determination.