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How was Noah Webster significant to the field of education? A. He established the common school movement. B. He advocated for free education for all social classes. C. His congregations founded the first African American colleges. D. His dictionary standardized the usage of American English.

Karl Marx developed the economic theory of communism. Further Explanation: One of Karl Marx’s most famous contributions came in his book the Communist Manifesto. This book explained Mark’s views on government, the economy, and ultimately lead to the creation of communism as an idea. A communism system is one that …

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1. jackson focused on the needs of the ___________ man.2. in the election of 1828, the u.s. electorate ___________ (increased or decreased?)3. what was the spoils system that was instituted by president jackson?4. what did the 1832 worchester v. georgia case have to say about georgia’a a s control over the cherokee nation?5. more than 25% of cherokee died on a forced march called the _______ ___ _________.6. why did jackson not like the bank of the unites states?7. in an effort to “kill” the bus (bank of the united states) before its charter expired, jackson removed u.s. _____________ from the bank.8. the specie circular (coin act) was an executive order issued by jackson in 1836. it required that all payments for government land had to be in gold and silver. this was done to stabilize the loan practices and the fact that too many bank notes were issued. however, jackson’a a s action triggered an economic recession known as the panic of _____.9. southerners viewed _________ (or taxes on imports) as helping the north at the south’s expense.10. no southern state was more upset about the 1828 tariff than ________ ________. their anger resulted in something known as the nullification crisis.11. what does the term “nullification” mean?12. ___________ debated daniel webster about states’ rights v. nationalism. it is widely believed that webster won these debates. however, this issue would not truly be resolved until the peace that followed the civil war.

Answer: Georgia didn’t send representatives to the First Continental Congress, for although Georgians opposed British trade regulations, many hesitated to join the revolutionary movement. They were self-sufficient, and a growing colony. And they thought they needed the protection of British troops against a possible Indian attack. Explanation: The First Continental …

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