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What specific evidence supports the statement that “The construction of the transcontinental railroad was disastrous for the Native Americans of the Great Plains”? A) The transcontinental railroad opened frontier markets to new products and goods from the east. B) Within ten years of its completion, the railroad shipped $50 million worth of freight coast to coast every year. C) The construction of the transcontinental railroad depended heavily on the labor of Chinese and Irish immigrants. D) The transcontinental railroad decimated the herds of buffalo that the Indians were dependent on; and the railroad drastically reduced Native American land ownership.

Answer: Correct answer here is D: an incorrect assumption that forms the basis of an argument. Explanation: The reason for this comes from the definition of what a false premise is. Basically, a false premise is an assumption, or an idea, that may be wrong, or is false, and leads …

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After the Black Sunday, how much more years of the Dust Bowl?

Dramatic irony is a literary device in which the audience has more knowledge about the story than the characters. When dramatic irony is employed, the reader knows what is going to happen later in the story, but the characters do not, which leads them to act in ways that would …

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