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“The development of a fully integrated marketing information system (MIS) to effectively achieve a state of equilibrium”


Discussing the marketing we come to know that marketing is the operation in which we actually attract the customers and try to retain them as well. If we look around us we come to know that all over the world every company is doing marketing. The marketing department is one of the most important things in here and it needs to be taken care of. The information kept in the marketing is very important and useful in every aspect as well.

            Here we come to know that there are many management concepts that need to be discussed in here. If we look into the detail, then we come to know that when the earth evaluates at that time and after that people come to know that there are some products which everyone wants. This was the time when someone from them made the products so what they did is what need in the market was and they just sell that. After that, there comes a concept for the customization, in which the customers demanded the products in the way they want. However, right now the thing, which needs to be focused, is that the marketing concept came and in here the manufacturer itself need to market the product, tell people about the importance or the benefits and in this way attracts the customer so that the sales could be increased of the company and they could progress (Brien and Stafford, 2010).   

            However, in this paper, I will go to discuss the marketing information systems that what are they and what was the reason and it was introduced by the time. However, the state of equilibrium needs to be achieved as well by marketing. In the following paragraphs, the details of the MIS as how equilibrium is achieved have been discussed in detail.

Marketing Concept

Here we will come to know that the marketing concept is one of the most important things, which needs to be seen in here. If we look into the topic then there are the couple of confusions that needs to be discussed before. Looking at the MIS, it stands for marketing information system this needs to be understood. However, it needs to be looked that actually it is the person or anything, which helps in the analysis or the presenting of the marketing data at any platform in the world. The important thing to focus in here is that the MIS actually are the tools that are helpful for the marketers in the marketing or collecting the data so that it could be saved and in near future that can be used in the market (Miller, 2011).

The marketing concept in here, we come to know that marketing is so important and to increase the efficiency of the decision makers or the management the MIS is used in here. The marketing concepts and theories have become the large part of today’s world.  In the new world, it is the fact that no one could become successful in any kind of business without an effective marketing and marketing plans.   According to Philip Kotler, he has described as the people, equipment, tools that are helpful in the effective decision making by managing, storing or analyzing the data effectively together. However if there would be good decisions in accordance with the MIS, the equilibrium will be automatically be achieved in here.

Pros& Cons of MIS tool

Looking at the Nature and pros& cons of MIS tool, we come to know that there are many advantages and on the same time, there are disadvantages as well. Looking at a couple of MIS tools we come to know that online database is one of the examples. Further, the WebPages, ERP, EDI, Big data and others are good examples of the Marketing information system. There are some of the inconsistencies can also be seen in here, on the other hand, there are advantages as well. The tool could be very fast as compared to the human brain. On the other hand, it is the fact that online marketing and marketing through the online structure and market is quite effective in the modern world.

Another thing, which can be seen, is that the storage problem is over in this case and it is an important thing as well. The accuracy of the data is also an advantage of the MIS. However, there are the couple of disadvantages of MIS which can be It can be seen that the electronic device could be inconsistency as it is the machine and the technical fault can occur at any time. The response rate could be low at their also which needs to be fixed as well (Marshall, 1996).

State of equilibrium

Now looking at the state of equilibrium we come to know that there needs to be a fair thing in between the cost of the market and the quantity. The price- quality, the cost- quantity and other equilibriums need to be checked in this context so that the equilibrium could be achieved. However, it can be seen that the MIS is a tool, which actually helps the marketers in achieving the equilibrium so that they could grow, and they could expand as well. As better decisions could be made in this regard, therefore, there would be no problems at all at any point of time. However, it can be seen that the MIS is a good tool and it can be used by the internal and the externally. On the other hand, the Marketing concepts have made things easier for all the tools and technologies of the MIS. Looking at it, we come to know that the internal factors actually include the internal departments of the company that is including in the company. However, there is a very useful application of MIS overall.


Here we can see that the marketing concepts have been discussed in the above paragraphs that how marketing actually came into existence and we can also see that what was the need and want of the marketers in the passage as well. However, it can be seen that only marketing concepts cannot do anything. They need the MIS tools so that the proper management could be seen in here. The MIS tools are quite effective in any region and section of the marketing and marketing field.   

The MIS tools actually help humans so that the data could be stored, managed and analyzed in a good way so that the decisions for the businesses could be taken in a well and organized manner. Therefore, we can say that when marketing and the MIS are linked it moves towards the state of equilibrium that is achieved and the success is guaranteed. Here we can also see that with the help of marketing and MIS both, the decisions are made better, a better analysis could be seen and the ultimate goal, which is to achieve success, is achieved.


If we conclude the discussion, we come to know that the importance of marketing concepts has been discussed. The correspondence with the marketing concepts that have been discussed in the essay and the MIS can be looked that both are important for the success of the state of equilibrium. Here we have seen that how the marketing concepts have started and got to a stage where a manufacturer needs to attract a person so that product could be sold. However, it can be seen that MIS tools are the important things that are included in the market. Without them, there was not a concept that equilibrium could be` achieved.

However, it can be seen that MIS is working all over the globe in the good companies and the reason is seen that the success is the vision, the state of equilibrium will be achieved only if the best of all will be in business. We can see that in the body Discussion have been given and it is stated in the detail that how the marketing concept and the MIS are important for the company. We can see that with the emergence of both the state of equilibrium can be achieved easily. This is the reason we can say that MIS is one of the most important tools in the marketing if any company wants to achieve the height of success.

Concluding all the discussing given here, I would like to say that in my opinion, the marketing concepts are the base points which needs to be considered at all times. Nevertheless, the MIS is the tool, which is used by the companies for the ease of success. Further, combining both we can say that the state of equilibrium is achieved and the heights of success are reached. The statement is hence proved that“the development of a fully integrated marketing information system (MIS) to effectively achieve a state of equilibrium”.

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