the exacting organizational culture is interested in

Question 1

Both individual ethics and organizational ethics have an impact on an employee’s


[removed]personal happiness.
[removed]fitness level.
[removed]ethical intention.

Question 2

Which of the following is not a form of retaliation commonly experienced by whistle-blowers?


[removed]Relocation or reassignment
[removed]No promotion or raises
[removed]The cold shoulder by coworkers
[removed]Exclusion from work activities
[removed]Praise by supervisors for their honesty

Question 3

Motivation is defined as


[removed]a person’s incentive or drive to work.
[removed]a force within the individual that focuses his or her behavior on achieving a goal.
[removed]personal ambition without regard to the impact on others.
[removed]a desire to be finished with a project.
[removed]individual goals.

Question 4

The ability to influence the behavior of others by offering them something desirable is best described as


[removed]coercive power.
[removed]reward power.
[removed]expert power.
[removed]legitimate power.
[removed]referent power.

Question 5

The exacting organizational culture is interested in


[removed]performance but has little concern for employees.
[removed]investors’ impressions of profitability.
[removed]maintaining a strong corporate culture.
[removed]employees and performance.
[removed]employees’ impressions

Question 6

The ________ leader demands instantaneous obedience and focuses on punishing wrong behavior, achievement, initiative, and self-control.



Question 7

To motivate employees, an organization offers ________ to ________ employees to work toward organizational objectives.


[removed]punishment; force
[removed]peer pressure; guilt
[removed]incentives; encourage
[removed]rewards; bribe
[removed]threats; frighten

Question 8

A cultural audit may be used to identify


[removed]how cultured a firm’s employees are.
[removed]unethical employees.
[removed]unethical organizations.
[removed]an organization’s culture.
[removed]organizational structure.

Question 9

The ultimate “stick” associated with the FSGO is fines or probation, which involves on-site observation by consultants, monitoring of the company’s ethical compliance efforts, and


[removed]reporting to the U.S. Sentencing Commission on the company’s progress in avoiding misconduct.
[removed]installation of an ethics hotline.
[removed]payment of any penalties levied.
[removed]appointment of an appropriate high-level manager to oversee the company’s program.
[removed]divestiture of all assets.

Question 10

Organizational ________ can contribute to diminished employee trust and increased employee turnover.


[removed]leadership succession
[removed]compensation policies
[removed]ethics programs

Question 11

Which of the following strives to create order by requiring that employees identify with and commit to specific required conduct?


[removed]Conduct orientation
[removed]Values orientation
[removed]Coercive orientation
[removed]Obedience orientation
[removed]Compliance orientation

Question 12

In the absence of ethics programs, employees are likely to make decisions based on


[removed]their observations of how their coworkers and superiors behave.
[removed]how they and their family members behave at home.
[removed]their conscience.
[removed]their religious values.
[removed]their family values

Question 13

A strong ethics program includes all of the following elements except


[removed]a clause promising good stock market performance.
[removed]a written code of conduct or ethics.
[removed]formal ethics training.
[removed]auditing, monitoring, enforcement, and revision of standards.
[removed]an ethics officer to oversee the program

Question 14

For an ethical compliance program to properly function,


[removed]consistent enforcement and disciplinary action are essential.
[removed]employees must be monitored using any means necessary.
[removed]it is not necessary to set measurable program objectives.
[removed]the same program should be used in all countries of operation, regardless of cultural differences.
[removed]the company must wait until after misconduct occurs to develop a means of preventing

Question 15

In the long run, a(n) ________ orientation may be better for companies, perhaps because it increases employees’ awareness of ethics issues at work.



Question 16

A(n) ________ orientation creates order by requiring that employees identify with and commit to specific required conduct, whereas a(n) ________ orientation strives to develop shared standards.


[removed]obedience; values
[removed]compliance; values
[removed]legal; values
[removed]values; compliance
[removed]values; obedience

Question 17

Which of the following is probably the best way for a manager to provide good ethics leadership?


[removed]Hire an ethics officer
[removed]Write a code of conduct
[removed]Conduct ethics audits
[removed]Set a good example
[removed]Only hire good employees

Question 18

________ is an independent assessment of the quality, accuracy, and completeness of a company’s social or ethics report.



Question 19

Which of the following does not have a significant impact on the success of an ethics program?


[removed]Senior management’s ability to successfully incorporate ethics into the organization
[removed]The quality of communication
[removed]The size of the company
[removed]The content of the company’s code of ethics
[removed]The frequency of communication regarding the ethical code and program

Question 20

Retaliation against employees that report misconduct is a problem in ________ cultures.


[removed]weak ethical
[removed]strong ethical
[removed]high power distance

Question 21

Ethics audits can help companies identify potential ________ so they can implement plans to eliminate or reduce them before they reach crisis dimensions.


[removed]competitive advantages
[removed]risks and liabilities
[removed]productivity issues
[removed]technological glitches
[removed]market opportunities

Question 22

Which of the following is not a benefit of ethics auditing?


[removed]It can improve a firm’s performance and effectiveness.
[removed]It can increase a firm’s attractiveness to investors.
[removed]It can identify potential risks.
[removed]It can harm relationships with stakeholders.
[removed]It can reduce the risks associated with misconduct.

Question 23

Which of the following is not a step in the ethics auditing process?


[removed]Secure commitment of top executives and directors.
[removed]Review organizational mission, goals, values and policies, and define ethical priorities.
[removed]Report the results to the U.S. Sentencing Commission.
[removed]Collect and analyze relevant information.
[removed]Verify the results.

Question 24

What should be the first step in the auditing process?


[removed]Secure the commitment of top executives and directors
[removed]Define the scope of the audit
[removed]Establish a committee to oversee the audit
[removed]Collect and analyze data
[removed]Review organizational mission, goals, values, and policies

Question 25

________ are a primary stakeholder group and should be included in the ethics auditing process because their loyalty determines an organization’s success.


[removed]Special interest groups

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