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The Most dangerous Game

The Most dangerous Game

Argue whether Rainsford changes or not through the events in the story? Explain your answer.

The story “The Most Dangerous Game” tell us about the thinking of human being, which can be changed when they realize that what they are doing, the story written by the Richard Connel, take place after the world war two, in the island. In the story, the there is the discussion about the most dangerous game, in which human being haunted. Rainford who was a big hunter, and was very brave, we can say he is a beast, once stuck on the island, after washes up on the shore of the island.

Rainford fell off from Whitney’s ship and after swimming of long hour, he reached the island. However, on the island, Rainford went to the Zaroff home. Zaroff wants to kill all the human being because it was fun for him. He wanted to hunt human being, as he thinks that people are efficient and human is the biggest animal, from all the animals. Zaroff was a crazy man, he liked to kill all the human being, for him, it was an interesting game, he was the egoist, was hunting from the early age, he has the bloodlust and passion for playing the game so that people could be the hunt.

By chance, Rainford goes in the house of the Zaroff; Zaroff then realized that he could play the game of hunting with Rainford. However, Zaroff forgot that he is not a human being, he is a beast, he started living there for days, after then she realized that Zaroff is not a simple man, he loves to play hunting games, in which he hunt the human beings. Zaroff do not like the men, he enjoyed playing the game, he did not know that what is going to happen with him, and what will be his end.

Rainford noticed all the situation, he comes to know that he is playing this game, from a year, for Rainford, it was not a game, it is a killing of the humanity, which is not good, Rainford in his mind make the plan that he will give a good lesson to Zaroff. Everybody has his own perspective about the games, but to kill the people and eat it is not a game, Rainford when come to know the entire situation, make his mind that he will play the game if offered, because Rainford was also hunting man, but for him the meaning of hunting was different from what Zaroff had.

After some days, Zaroff offered Rainford to play the interesting game with him, as he wanted to kill and then eat him. Rainford agreed to play the games, the game was interesting, he made a plan in his mind that when he will be taken to play for the games, he will jump back to the shore and reaches back to his home. He was given the offer that if he survives for three days, he can be released and then can go back safely, but there was a condition that he should not tell anyone after when he reaches. Rainford begins with his efforts and wants to survive so that he can teach the lesson to him.

However, a night before the game was started or happened; Rainford entered the house of Zaroff and killed him. He wanted to kill Zaroff because for him, he was killing the innocent people, which were not a game; this could a non-sense, not a game. The Zaroff already had killed so many people, she does not have the soft corner in his heart, his hunting was not justifiable or reasonable because it was against the humanity, to kill people is very bad, Rainford killed him very wisely.

 The question asked in the question was that the Rainford changes throughout the story or not, as everything happened with him, so he releases the pain that one can face or suffer as a prey. His thinking was changed for the prey, he started respected his victim or prey, he faced off what he had never thought off. Zaroff was always proud of what he does or what he do to others, he thinks that he is the master of a game, he feels superior, he thinks that through killing Rainford, he can get the fame because Rainford is a strong man, however, he was given the punishment by Rainford.

The respect for the prey was there in his heart, both Rainford and Zaroff are given good or fine lessons, to kill the humanity can be the most difficult thing for anybody as a human or creature, Rainford was never wanted to be a part of a game. In the story, he realized that he is a beast at bay, he knows that he will be murdered, or must commit the murder. I believe that nobody can ever change, the Rainford in the story may not changes, but he may get the new thinking about the life, nobody wanted to kill or murdered, there is the need to respect the prey and everyone.

One mind cannot be changed, but one can be given a good or better think, so one could think in the better way, may the lifestyle of Rainford will never be changed, but from then, he realizes the importance of the animals and the human being. Rainford had saved his life, through using his intelligence and by defeating him. The game or tale is about the two hunters, who have the lessons in their lives, nobody should kill the humanity, the animals or the people, there is a need to give value.

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