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The Null Hypothesis

  1. The Null Hypothesis:

Number of students does not affect the average grade of the class.

Alternate Hypothesis

Number of Students affect the average grade of the class.

2.)   I opted for confidence level of 0.01%.

3.)    The test Results of the test are

Chi-Square Tests
  Value df Asymptotic Significance (2-sided)
Pearson Chi-Square 2.190a 75 .002
Likelihood Ratio 12.912 66 .0005
Linear-by-Linear Association 3.41 2 .001
N of Valid Cases 2735    
a.     13 cells (56.5%) have expected count less than 12. The minimum expected count is .21.

4.)    2-tailed significance=0.002

5.)    Since Significance is 0.002< 0.01indicating a clear rejection of the null hypothesis.

6.)    It can be concluded that the grades are associated with the number of students in each class. This is due to the disturbance and the chaos created by each extra student. The scope of this study is a full semester since grades can only be determined at the end of each semester. The statistics clearly indicates the alternate hypothesis was accepted and after this assessment it can be seen that the grades do decrease in the short and long run. The relationship besides being significant is also having a considerable impact as well.

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