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The Reluctant Fundamentalist movie

a. In two meetings with the “prestige publisher” Nazmi Kemal—one in which Kemal learns that Changez’s father is a poet, the second when Changez has lunch with Kemal—Kemal presents some challenges to the decisions Changez has made with his life. What does Kemal tell Changez at the first meeting, and why? How does Changez respond to Kemal’s comment? What lesson does he try to teach Changez at the lunch meeting? What is the story of the Janissaries, and why does Kemal use it to get his lesson across? What kinds of questions do these encounters cause Changez to ask of himself, and what decision does he make regarding Kemal and himself? What actions does Changez take following the encounters with Kemal, with what results?

Be specific andthorough.

The movie is about the tragedies of eth Pakistani businessman Changez who has the tragedies of 9/11. Kemal begins the scene by discussing eth janissaries with changez. Janissaries are the Christian boys captured by ottomans to be Soldiers in the mighty muslim army. These boys were sent to kill their former families and destroy the former homes when they came to age. The kemal is relating Changez to these janissaries and America as eth homeland. The age of changez  in united states. The kemal relates the janissaries to changez and tell him the story of janissaries.  It is eth discrimination show by many Muslims or Middle Eastern heritage. The Janissaries were part of slave system. The ottomans use the prisoners and slave in their armies. They are wanting these boys to destroy their homes. The kemal is reviewing the Changez journey through American society and his adoption of the American values of hijacking the values thinking. The Janissaries are eth group in which the Changez do not fit but Kemal view is the same. The adapting the values in the American way was made changez in his view slave of education in America as the adolescent boys in Ottoman Empire.   Changez is asking how to be Pakistani in America.

The changes adapted in pakistani’s dream to the students and narrates that they find identity for themselves in the 9/11 discrimination of the Pakistani and American. Reached to a point that the discrimination followed by Changez. The offence was being taken to be as Pakistani. The janissaries was the kemal observation to the fact telling the scene between kemal and Changez. The differences was notified by changez and made his stance of the working over the circumstances. The discrimination after the 9/11 was present there and was developing the scenario. The Pakistani dream which was there with the changez to be and the initiative taken by the govern. The plot between the kemal and the Changez was of eth Janissaries discussion, which made changez think of the scenario by the Pakistani dream to be awaited in eth discrimination. The Adopting the American dream in the age would be the janissaries like who have the adoption of the work done to be the scenario of the weight discrimination. The p[lot is of the scenario to be developed in the form of the working the dreams. The clip did the scenario of the after impact on Changez and he thought of the American dream and letting the scenario developed in the form of the basic scenario. The adoption of the teaching is the scenario, which will be evaluated your adaption of the place. The situation of the being the janissaries and the way to being  developed the culture of eth American but will be having the scenario to be facing the discrimination of the countries and letting the situation as janissaries to be in the plot. The discrimination is the questions, which arises in the conversation and will let him think what we are being the American culture adoption.

b. Near the end of the movie, after recounting his meeting with the mujahad leader Mustafa Fazil, Changez tells Bobby “I am tired of the reduction.” Explain what he means by that, and how he explains that meaning. What common elements does he perceive in both the fundamentalism promoted by Jim Cross and that promoted by Mustafa Fazil? What, specifically, do the “fundamentals” embraced by Jim Cross and Mustafa Fazil require their followers to do? To satisfactorily answer, you need to consider how Changez had come to realize that the cultural, spiritual, and physical damage caused by the two main types of “fundamentals” made living by those fundamentals wrong for him, his family, his students, and his country. Be specific and thorough.

The Changez khan played by is Riz Ahmed is college professor in Lahore suspect by CIA local terrorist his involvement in the American kidnapping of professor. We find the bold changez sitting in a tea house across bobby Lincoln asking him his possible involvement in the kidnapping. Driving into fashback changez was always a fiery college professor who teaches the revolution in Pakistan. His family raised by the Urdu poet father and his son finds his way to Princeton. The film unfurls in non linear manner and the narrative is of the revolves around many incidents.  The Changez emerges as straight talking Ivy League who love US and the job in the Wall street. The Changes stock rises as brilliant analyst and involves him to the American luxuries life style. Eric is his love. The 9/11 are changes the trajectory of his life.  He grows beard in apparent rebellion. Changez  said that the side was picked for me I did not picked the site.  The political cklimate starts of smack of American Hubris. He finds himself caught in the limbo between the attraction of what he taught of free society and his loyalty in the roots.  All the pain of romance gone afoul. Finding nothing left in the New York becomes the professor in Lahore.    

Find the object of the CIA suspection and is had suspicion followed. The fundamantel this story plots on the 9/11 incident. In plain Nair went to great length to ensure the authencity of eth setting.  It is still appealing the visuals with the camera work held. Tegh music is driven emotions been the strength and is the case is well. The difference among the screen play and the novel is the unsubtle and contrived and to make it more suspenseful robbed it depth and seemly the depth and intimacy.  Many novel fans disappointed with the surely destined.  The Hamid’s novel is the personal story of eth young man has love with the country and the woman and get awry as it happens fast.  But despite the shortcomings there are many moments which have the salvage it. The performance of the Riz Ahmed is superb. The movie is all about the loving and eth fundamentals are the relationship built between a girl and boy and enabling the stand out for the suspicion in the CIA. The Changez has the environment are change and will be working out the scenario to be dealt the way out the performance.  The heavy-handed and the simplified metaphors in the post 9/11 situation. The movie is about the post 9/11 situation and concerned the plot of the suspicion of the boy who lived in the New York city and would be came back and was evolved in the form of the scenario built in the form of the reluctant fundamental which was to be involved in the movie.  The plot of the movie is of coming back to the Pakistan country and teaching the Lahore institution and caught suspicious to the CIA of working the in America and relations with the terrorists in the 9/11.    



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