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The Reluctant Fundamentalist Movie

The Reluctant Fundamentalist Movie        


KEMAL told some challenges regarding CHANGEZ and his life to him and his response was interesting for him. CHANGEZ responded with different facts, which were regarding the love for the United States of America. KEMAL was asking about his time spam in America and development in Pakistan. He was intending to derive information regarding all suspects, related to him, which created barriers in his life. KEMAL started with the question about his country, the United States of America, as he wanted to know his intentions and previous life in that country. The purpose was to know the facts and intentions.

CHANGEZ responded to KEMAL with his admiration regarding United States contributions in economic success and development. The KEMAL’S comment were interesting for him, as he responded elaborately and told all the facts regarding his intentions and approaches towards extreme values. He responded with different facts, as he was trying to convince the KEMAL that he did not converted. He tried to demonstrate his intentions and positive behavior towards both countries, the United States of America and the Pakistan, his homeland.

The lesson he tried to teach to CHENGAZ was about fundamentalist right, limitations and its impacts on society and countries. This is a fact that he was almost converted after 9/11 incident, as he was questioned by the federal agents in the United States of America. The lesson was pertinent to Janissaries, which was a force, made in Turkey. This was pertinent, as he was also kidnapped by federal agents in US and finally questioned. (Nair, 2012)

The question regarding Rainer Kidnapping was prominent as, he was suspected according to CIA. The questions regarding Rainer kidnapping made him to ask many questions to him. In addition, at the place of interview, many protestors were placed outside. This was a great time to save the interviewer with a fine place to escape. However, he seemed suspected for KEMAL, as he was texting her sister according to him. The decision was made to off the interview and go to butcher shop. This was all right to set an interview with this man and derive some information for CIA agents in a café. However, things were going worse, as his students were not in favor of this interview, as he taught the lesson regarding anti America. (Nair, 2012)

Interestingly, KEMAL received the picture of Rainer, who was dead. There was only an option for KEMAL to use CHENGAZ to pass through ground among protestors. The CHENGAZ agreed with his decision, which caused some horrible results. This is a fact that the intention was not bad by the KEMAL but his gun gone off and he shoot his internee. In result, other students in the university shoot at KEMAL and but he was removed safely by CIA Agents from the place of incident. This was revealed that Rainer was found deal earlier in a day and on the other hand, CHENGAZ denied his collaboration with masterminds of Rainer’s kidnappers.


CHANGEZ told bobby that he was tired of reduction. He meant that he was frustrated and losing his capacity to answer all questions regarding suspects and fundamental rights according to religion, society and culture. This is a fact that he was confused after living in two countries, especially after 9/11 incidents. He explained this meaning by illustrating inner wounds. He explained that I do want more frustration and allegations regarding extremism. He wanted to live normal life now, as his American dream was destroyed.

This is a fact that there was a huge difference regarding fundamental rights and definitions. Meeting with Jim Cross and MUSTAFA FAZIL created difference, as both individuals were elaborating their intentions and interpretations. In results, he was confused and wanted to isolate for a while. This is a fact that Jim Cross promoted fundamentalism, which was modern and pertinent to American culture. IT was based on human rights, which discourages extremism as compared to Muslim world. On the other hand, Mustafa was intending to depict Muslim rights, which have to be achieved through exteriminsim. (Nair, 2012)

This is a fact that two types of fundamental have made him to live a worse life, which created impact on his family, friends, and students. This was necessary for him to study his religion again instead of listening two different fundamentalists. This was all about immense limitations that he faced after listening to both fundamentalists. He realized at the end that culture differences have to be happened according to region, religion, values and tradition of people. This is a fact that every religion has it won culture and values, which is different from other.

Interestingly, his intentions and confusions have led him to create a bad impact on his students, as he used to deliver Anti American lecture in classes. Obviously, he was teaching the generation of the country, which was the most important thing for him to guide them regarding their rights. Relative to country, it has to be recognized as fundamentalist according to Mustafa Fazi teachings, as he contained extremism.

On the other hand, this is revealed that people perceive different things from a county’s couture and values. Even in a country, people interpret different things according to their perception, which create contradictions with other countries and cultures. In addition, these contradictions can be seen even in existing country. This happened to CHENGAZ, as he guided his students towards a confused society.

In end, the fundamental rights seemed wrong for him because of two contradictions. He has faced problems in both, the United States of America and his homeland. The two types of fundamentals went wrong for him, as he lacked his own interpretations about religion and culture. This is a fact that MUSTAFA FAZIL contained a traditional approaches, which was pertinent to his religion, which was a valid reason for him to be converted., on the other hand,  regarding Jim Cross, he was intending to be convinced, as he spend a good life in the United Sates of America before 9/11 incident. (Nair, 2012)


Nair, M. (Director). (2012). The reluctant fundamentalist Video movie review [Motion Picture].

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