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The Things They Carried

Essay no. 1

The Things They Carried

In the story, the author has described the soldiers that what they carried with them, everybody carried the things; the things were tangible and intangible, every character of the story, carried the things according to the taste, or what he likes. Therefore, in the story, there is the description about the characters, through the things they carried, everybody personality and thinking by the things what she/she carries with themselves. Moreover, as in the story, the Henry Dobbins carried the extra food, Kiowa carried hunting hatchet, and Ted Lavender carried the tranquilizer pills.

O’Brien, through his story, describes the characters and their personalities through the items they carried; Henry Dobbins carries his girlfriend pantyhose and a machine gun with him. Rat Kiley carried the medical kit, comic book, brandy, M&M’s candy and Norman Bowker carries dairy. The author has also described by the other people or soldiers who have carried the things, important for them.

However, from the theory, I have to describe that what things are important for me, what I carry along or with me whenever I leave the house. Everybody have the different personality and like others, I want to keep so many things with me so whenever I need that I can use. On daily basis, I do keep water, eatables, wallet, phone and phone charger when I leave the home. Whenever, I am going to my home, I put everything in my bag, so I can use the things when required or necessary.

I think I am like the character Henry Dobbins, who in the story put extra foods along with him. This is my routine to keep at least two or more eatable and water with me, I think I am health conscious and this is the reason of keeping the food with me.

I am very much concerned about my health, I feel week when I on not have anything to eat, the reason I keep eatables with me is because, it happened to me much time when I do not keep the eatable and I got the attack of a swear headache and vomiting. Drinking water after every 20 to 30 minutes is very necessary for me because I cannot work or pay attention to the tasks, when I am hungry or thirsty.

However, water and the food are essential for anybody, people should eat anything before leaving the home and if they cannot eat early morning or they think they are getting late, it is necessary to eat anything or take anything with you before going to study or work.  I cannot say about other but I know that I cannot work if I do not eat anything, I just cannot concentrate, I am conscious about my health since childhood.

            When I was a child, my mother often said me that if I leave home without eating anything, I may have to suffer in the school. Therefore, I think, this affected on my mind and now I cannot leave the home if I am not anything or any eatable with me. for me my wallet is also very necessary, I do not remember that I ever left the home without taking my wallet, as in my wallet there is money, I do not like saying others about my necessities, so wallet is they things which I can never forget.

I have the pictures of my family in my purse or wallet, and this is the reason I am so attached to it, whenever I am not at home or miss my parents or family I take out the wallet and see the pictures of the family. For everyone family and love once is very important, in my wallet, there are also images of my family and love once and I always keep that wallet with me.

I think everybody has the reasons behind of keeping the things with them, or the things they think important for them, they are may be the things, without which a man cannot survive, or think that it is difficult to live. There are so many things, which are very important for me, and I cannot think of my life without them. For me my mobile phone is very important but it comes after my eatable and wallet, things can also be related to the psychology, because it can be anyone psychology like me that I can live without a mobile phone but not without eatable, water and wallet.

However, I know that if I have the phone, all others things can be there, one can get in touch with the family and friends if have a cell phone, not for me but for everyone cell phone has become important in the life, everybody is mentally and emotionally connected to the things one have. Phone and charger is important to keep because, when is out of the home for the long hours, the family can call and ask about you, especially it is important to take the phone with you at the work or at the university, however, phone is helpful whenever the person need it, anywhere the benefits could be taken.

On my phone, I play games whenever I am free, and listen to the songs, in the hectic routine, one can feel fresh and satisfied, when at work, one talk to the friends and family and one can able to ask for the problems, if occur. On could be mentally relaxed, after listening to the songs, a mobile phone can perform various or multiple tasks, so it is important to keep phone and eatables with you all the time.

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