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The Wackness (2008)

The Wackness (2008)

In this movie, one can see that there are various lessons to become a better human being. A better human being is someone who never loses hope and always is trying to improve.  Mainly Luke Shapiro provides good lessons for the viewers. 


The hardworking character is Luke Shapiro because he was selling marijuana to help himself in studies and college. It was an incident in the movie when he returns home to meet family and parents; he saw they are quarreling over the issue of money. Afterward, he started to transaction more marijuana for earning high amount of money. He worked harder to earn money to keep family safe in future from poverty and possible eviction. Therefore, one can observe the true hardworking character of Luke Shapiro. One can learn many things from this particular character, and the biggest lesson is hard work.


In the movie, one can observe that Luke Shapiro was in love with Stephanie Squires. On the other hand, it is imperative to understand that she was not in love with clean-hearted Luke Shapiro; she only has lust. In the scene where they are making love, only Luke actually feels love, so she is just “making lust”.  It is observed that she did not respond with affection to him and just fulfilled her lust and negative desires.


Another feature of Luke was his caring behavior.  It was an important attribute of Luke Shapiro in the movie. He was very focused and caring to his family. In most of the scenes, one can observe that he tries to make them proud of him. He was worried about their situation, so he sold marijuana at that time to rescue his family. He also rescued the doctor from suicide.


One can observe the disappointment factor in the ending half of the movie where Doctor Squires was feeling disheartened and demotivated due to some family issues. He was angry because of the extreme pain and tensions. Anyhow, he did not fight with Luke. In my perspective, it was not a great behavior, and he should not behave like that in those particular scenes. Luke was familiar with the real cause and meaning of the life, and he motivated him to for life. In addition, the anger factor cannot make you excel in life. 

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