Write one essay chosen from the following topics relating to the unit on men and women. Be sure that you have an opening paragraph with a thesis, supporting paragraphs, and a closing paragraph.

2. Discuss the ways in which several authors describe love and courtship. You may share some personal experiences to back up your essay.

In the literature, the love is usually reflects as a major theme of the literary attempt. Similarly in the following essay, love is one of the major themes that remain prominent in the story. However, different writers describe the theme of love in a different style. In some stories the lovers even having very feeling of love, do not meet with each other but they remember for their love but in some stories the writers have described love as nothing but a lustful thing. Subsequently, the thesis of the essay is that the love is connected with the luck.

In Porphyria’s lover the theme of love is used in term restraint and freedom that ultimately neither speaker nor porphyria has any real agency. The writer has also described the Porphyria’s love for the speaker as “worship” whereas the speakers love for her is defined as objectifying and violent. In the end even porphyria died but the writer has reflected as her wish to be with her lover is fulfilled when she died in the hands of her lover.  This reflects the good luck of Porphyria as she met with her lover but it was the bad luck for the speaker as when he came to know about Porphyria’s deep love for him, she is no more alive.

In another story “Love Is a Fallacy” the writer Max Schulman has described love in a different way as he described that love is associated with the luck as the intelligent boy tried his best to impress Polly as He cleverly made a deal with Petey when he asked him to choose in between Polly and Raccoon Coat. Petey choose recon coat than Polly and the intelligent boy though that now his way towards Polly is clear but at the end Polly said to him that she like Petey. In this story the love is defined as luck as Petey even though a dumb boy but he is lucky as at the end he got Polly and Raccoon coat whereas the intelligent get nothing because of his bad luck.

In different stories, the theme of love is described differently by different writers. However in most of the stories the writers has associated love with luck such as it was the luck of the Prophyria as she finally got her love and died in her hand and his lover founds to have bad luck as when he came to know about Porphyria’s love for him, she died. Similarly, the intelligent boy in “Love is a Fallacy” do everything what he can to get his lover Polly but he found bad luck and Petey’s luck shined as even he did nothing but his lover herself came to him.

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