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Thinking As a Hobby written by William Golding



Thinking As a Hobby written by William Golding

Thinking As a Hobby is written by William Golding in which he describes that three levels of thoughts by telling the practices and attempts of communication. In my opinions, the author has greatly explains the grade one people. The author describes the story with the help of narrator and then reaches on the conclusion. The conclusion is based on the thoughts of the author that elaborates the nature of human being. The childhood of the narrator is related with the teachers that were hypocritical. He describes that the teachers were not act upon the things that they were said. There were contradicts in his sayings and acting. While he reaches in his teen age there were the differences between religious beliefs. He had a girlfriend in the teenage her name was Ruth. He says that there are three types of thinkers. Grade three thinkers believe at their feelings. They think with their feelings and emotions. They think without analyzing. They do not use mind and brain in making any decision. They listen of their hearts and emotions. Grade two thinkers have contradicts in their actions and words like their teachers. Grade 1 are the most extraordinary people in society. They people use brain and mind in making decisions. They use logic and have analytical approach. They pay less attention on feelings and emotions. The author was very curious to find the people of grade one. Finally, he met the person one day, in oxford, near a small bridge. He then concludes that the grade three people are called immature and grade two people are called incomplete but the grade one –people ate called extraordinary people in the society. They think first and then act in every matter of the life. They are remembered for their outstanding qualities for years.

It is concluded that a man should try to become and to be in the list of grade one because they are the great persons of society.


Holy Sonnet 14 written by John Donne

Holy Sonnet is written by John Donne in which the speaker direct asks with God that to intensify the struggle to restore the soul of speaker. After reading the poem it is said that the poet is beautifully describes the pray and hymn. He direct talks with God to purify his soul’ he knows that his soul is embodied in the sins and he feels burden due to sins and want to free from his soul from sins.  It is not enough to knock the door only. The speakers ask the three –person to God that betters his heart. The poet wants to better his soul. He requests to God that make him a new person and change his heart and soul. The poet wants to get rid of his sins to make his soul new. He said to God that enters in his soul furiously and angrily. He said to God that he deserves of all the punishments. He is not willing that he is treated gently and politely. He says that he is ready to face all the punishments because he has committed all the sins but now he wants to purification to make his soul new. The speaker of the poem admits and agrees with the belief that he loves God very much and he desires to be loved by God. The poet asks God that untie divorce and break that knot again. He says that he would never free and will never be chaste and purify until the God ravishes him.

It is concluded that the poet has used many literary figures in the poem to explain the meanings of the sense. The speaker is truly wanted to purify his soul from sins. He desires to wash his soul and to make it new for good deeds and to acquire God’s Love.


Oedipus Rex is written by Sophocles

Oedipus Rex is written by Sophocles. After reading the drama, It is analyzed that the play is a grand masterpiece of the writer. A great play opens when Thebes is struck by a plague. The people of the state said to king Oedipus to divide them from its horror. Antigone and Ismene are the daughters of the Oedipus. Their brothers killed one another in a war. The play has never surpassed for the raw and the horrified power with which its hero fights to answer the eternal question like who am i?

 The story of the play is about a king that who acts in ignorance, kills his father, and marries with her mother. It is a Greek tragedy. It describes all about the king that his son kills his father, snatches his wife, and marries him.

The play is great work of art that describes the situation and condition of the Greek. The play is absolutely the description of the Greek traditions. It explains the issues and problems of the Greek period of that century. It is great tragedy and the writer uses the literary figures in his writings to explain the real sense of the tragedy. 

It is concluded that the play is a great tragedy and describes the Greek period. The writer has beautifully presented of all the elements in a sequence. There are lot of things and points that are worth mentioning. After reading the play, it is clear that it opens the bitter reality of the society and that society is involved in many crises that are unfolded.

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