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Today l, as in the past, Sufism is practiced mainly by _____.the religious eliteserfsslave solidersordinary people

2. Yuan Dynasty

3. Mongol rule affected Russia in a
way that Russian people turned into highly monastic people. Mongol rule also
kept Russia cloistered from other countries and remove the power from the highest
nobilities of the country and change the basic organization of the whole
Russian army. This changes made by the Mongol rule led to the incapability of
Russia to develop intellectual pursuits, political parties and economic system.

4. Some effects of the Indian Ocean
Trade includes spreading of diseases and also it created more feuds, but not
all are negative. Mostly, Indian Ocean Trade linked cultures together, spread
religions, enhanced the trading skills of merchants and it increased the
economic growth of considerably different regions around the world. Because of
this trade, almost all of the civilizations involved in the trade learned to be
conversant with each other.

5. One of the common features of
pre-modern civilizations includes slavery. In this era, planting crops,
clothing emperors and building cities greatly depends on the energy of slaves.
Another is that, in early civilizations people have specialized careers and do
things aside from producing food, which includes being soldiers, artisans,
priests and priestesses. In this eraof pre-modern civilizations, human cultures
are classified based on political systems and social inequality.

6. Urban centers is
significant to pre-modern civilization because as civilizations successfully
spread, and more territories have been taken over, urban centers became the
host for assimilating the growing population of uncivilized people.

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