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Leadership Resources and Motivators

Identifies a list of ten 3 resources relating to coaching, mentoring, and leadership. There is no more than oOne quote , one used in the list of resources. There are no more than two movies or video clip and one article from You tube – TED Talk Speakers vidoess used in the list of resources.35
Describes the resources and explains how the resource can be used in a personal experience or work environment.35
Includes proper APA guidelines to cite each resource.20
Submits the list of resources to the forum location to share with peers.10
Mechanics of Writing:· Student is clearly in control of standard, written American English.· All work includes correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.10
Language Use and Audience Awareness:· Student uses correct sentence construction, word choice, etc.· Student uses language in a manner that is appropriate to the purpose, discipline, and scope of the assignment.10

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