two methods of estimating uncollectible receivables are​ ________.

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Basic Statistics

MTH107.920 Fall 2017

Class location: Online via Blackboard and WebAssign Instructor: Amy Frankel Communication:

 BEST OPTION: Send/receive Waubonsee email via to or send via Blackboard Send E-mail tool (choose “all instructor users”). Note that emails from non-Waubonsee email addresses will be labeled as junk-mail in my email client. So using your WCC email is definitely the best way to go. I will try to answer within 24 hours.

 Phone: (630)466-7900, ext. 2554

 To subscribe to text message or personal email updates/reminders: send @wccstats to 81010 (Note you can now chat using the Remind App or Webpage! Video tutorial). Or go to

Office Location: Bodie 229, Sugar Grove campus Office Hours: M – Th 11:30am-12:30pm, W 5pm-6pm, or by appointment. For in-person appointment requests use: For web conferences please send via email a few dates and times that you would be available to meet. Students do not need to make an appointment to meet with me during office hours. Web site: Required course materials:

 WebAssign access code which provides you with the e-book of Introductory Statistics, 1st ed. by Illowsky and Dean, OpenStax College 2013. Students MUST purchase a WebAssign Course Key. Students may start with temporary access for 14 days, but then a code must be purchased BEFORE the end of the temporary access period. See this handout for more details.

WebAssign Course Key: waubonsee 5082 1614  The textbook is also available in the following formats:

o Hard cover book from the bookstore o On the web o Downloadable pdf (high resolution) or (low resolution) o Offline HTML copy (zip file) o Bookshare o Download to iBooks o Print Copy from Amazon

 A calculator: TI-83, TI-83+, TI-84, TI-84+, TI-84+ CE are recommended since all calculator instructions will be for these models of calculator.

Course Description: A course designed to assist the student in the understanding and use of numerical data. Topics covered include descriptive methods, probability, distributions, statistical inference, confidence intervals, tests of hypotheses, and correlation and regression.

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Course Objectives:

1. Students will define and identify the properties of basic statistical descriptors related to the gathering of data: population, sample, parameter, statistic, sampling, bias, observational study, experiment, variables, qualitative, quantitative, continuous variable, discrete variable, levels of measurement, error, frequency, relative frequency.

2. Students will organize univariate and bivariate data and then graph the data using the following visual representations: stem-and-leaf plot, histogram, bar graph, dotplot, pareto chart, time-series graph, scatterplot, pie chart, line chart.

3. Students will explain the definitions, properties, and functions of the following descriptive statistics, calculate their values from small data sets, and interpret the results: means, medians, variances, standard deviations, quartiles, percentiles; For large data sets, students will employ the use of technology to calculate descriptive statistics.

4. Students will determine probabilities of events through the application of the standard ideas in elementary probability: addition rule, multiplication rule, counting techniques, independence of events, conditional probability.

5. Students will identify the properties of normal distribution and find, by using technology, probabilities, associated with random variables with these distributions.

6. Students will calculate the mean and standard deviation of the binomial probability distribution.

7. Students will apply the 68-95-99.5 Rule to identify statistically significant events.

8. Students will explain the Central Limit Theorem as it applies to sample means and proportions and apply it to identify statistically significant events.

9. With the aid of technology, students will compute confidence intervals of population means and proportions based on sample data using both the normal distribution and the t-distribution

10. Students will calculate the sample size necessary to obtain a confidence interval of desired width.

11. Students will conduct hypothesis testing on population means and proportions using confidence intervals, critical values, the P-value method, and two-way tables, and hypothesis testing on variances using one-way ANOVA.

12. Students will define and differentiate between correlation and causality.

13. Students will utilize technology to identify the line of best fit and correlation coefficient based on a set of data, and then explain whether the fit is statistically significant.

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Course Outcomes: At the end of this course, the student will be able to… 1. Organize data. 2. Conduct a statistical study using hypothesis testing.

College Learning Outcomes CRITICAL THINKING Students will be able to acquire, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information for efficacy in order to develop conclusions and implement solutions while actively engaging in learning and questioning beyond the content of any one course, making connections between courses, disciplines, life experiences, and accumulated knowledge. COMMUNICATION Students will be able to read, comprehend, and interpret multimedia (oral, written, and visual texts) situated in various contexts; deliver clear, well-organized speeches, presentations, visuals, or ideas appropriate to various contexts and audiences; and write clear, concise communications appropriate to various contexts and audiences. QUANTITATIVE LITERACY Students will be able to acquire, analyze, use, and represent mathematical and scientific data and information symbolically, visually, numerically, and verbally to recognize and understand problems and trends, to conduct experiments and observations, to develop appropriate solutions and conclusions, and to understand the interrelatedness of quantitative reasoning and other disciplines. Grading Criteria Please keep in mind that your grade is neither a reward nor a punishment, but is a reflection of your performance and level of mastery of the material in the class. This is a challenging class. It is in your best interest to study and complete your assignments on time. The distribution of points is weighted so that a student must earn at least a 60% average on the tests in order to earn a C or higher in the course. Homework: Homework will be completed in WebAssign. Each homework will have a deadline of Noon Central on Monday and corresponds to the lesson for that week. (see individual due dates in the course schedule and weekly checklist below) Students may work each problem up to 5 times. After the first submission, assistive tools like hints, practice another version, and tutorials will be made available for attempts 2-5. Student’s last answer is counted toward grade. Students may request a 1 day extension via WebAssign, but a 10% deduction will automatically be taken for each extension requested, with the Saturday after the deadline as the final deadline for all extensions. Each homework is weighted at a maximum of 1 point. To calculate your score take the percent score and divide by 100. IN ADDITION: students must score at least an 80% on homework in order to unlock the quiz for that lesson. There are 13 homework assignments, so there is a maximum of 13 points from homework.

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Quizzes: Quizzes will be completed in WebAssign. Each Quiz will have a deadline of Noon Central on Monday. (see individual due dates in the course schedule and weekly checklist below). Students must score at least an 80% on the homework in order to gain access to the quiz for that lesson. Students may work each quiz problem 2 times with the last submitted answer counting toward the grade. No assistive tools are available during quizzes, but will be available after the quiz is completed and the deadline has passed. Students may request an extension via WebAssign, but a 10% deduction will automatically be taken for each extension requested. Each quiz is weighted at a maximum of 2 points. To calculate your score take the percent score and divide by 50. Proctored Tests: Details about each test can be found in Blackboard under Course Lessons & Info. There will be 2 proctored tests that you must take in person at one of the Waubonsee Assessment Centers or at another testing center an accredited institution (you will need to make arrangements with Waubonsee’s Assessment Center if you need to take the tests at another location – more information will be sent out during Week 1). Assessment Center hours and contact info can be found here on their web page. Proctored tests are worth 100 points each for a total of 200 points from tests (% score = pts earned). Deadlines for tests can be found in the Course Schedule below and on the Student Checklist attached at the end of the syllabus. Tests may be taken any day the Assessment Center is open as long as they are taken by the deadline (so you can take the test early if needed). If you miss the deadline for one of these tests, you may take the test, but with a 10% penalty for each day past the deadline. If you miss the deadline for a test you must contact the professor as soon as possible in order to make arrangements to take the missed test. You will not be allowed to take the test past the deadline until you have made arrangements with the professor. Project: Details about the project can be found in Blackboard after the third week of the class. There is one project that will be completed in 3 parts during the semester. Deadlines for submissions are in the Course Schedule below and on the Student Checklist attached at the end of the syllabus. If a student fails to submit any part of the project during the semester by its deadline, the student’s project grade will be reduced by 10% per week on that part that is submitted late (days 1-7 late are a 10% reduction, days 8-14 are a 20% reduction, and so on). The project is worth 13 points total; Part 1 is 3 points, Part 2 is 4 points, Part 3 is 6 points. Extra Credit: In WebAssign, I will make available a few extra credit assignments throughout the course. Extra credit must be submitted by the indicated deadline – no extensions, no exceptions.

Grading scale and point distribution: There will be a total of 250 points assigned throughout the semester. Grades will be assigned as follows: A: 90% – 100%, 225-250 points B: 80% – 89%, 200-224 points C: 70% – 79%, 175-199 points D: 60% – 69%, 150-174 points F: 0% – 59%, 0-149 points DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD GRADE: In Blackboard, there are discussion forums available as a place to ask for help on HOMEWORK problems. Below are the guidelines for posting a request for help, and for posting an answer. Do not post questions about the quizzes. There is a nice feature in WebAssign called “Ask Your Teacher” that students should use for Quizzes.

Page 5 of 10

Class Discussion Guideline Criteria Description of High Level of


Description of Low Level of


Post asking for help on a

Homework problem

Subject of post contains the

problem number from the HW.

Post contains the full problem

(either transcribed or a screen

grab) and an attempt at a solution.

Contains few or no spelling and

grammar mistakes.

Post is disrespectful or threatening

or demeaning (may result in being

reported to the Student Conduct

Board). Post does not include the

full question, and/or does not

include an attempt at a solution,

and/or contains several spelling

and grammar mistakes.

Reply to a student’s question Reply is thorough and uses correct

terminology, interprets concepts

accurately, adds to the

conversation, contains no or very

few spelling and grammar mistakes,

and is respectful.

Post is disrespectful or threatening

or demeaning (may result in being

reported to the Student Conduct

Board). Post uses terminology

incorrectly, and/or inaccurately

applies concepts, and/or contains

several spelling and grammar

mistakes. Does not add to the

conversation or is just repeating

what others have posted.

Course Policies Attendance policy: Even though we are not meeting in a physical classroom, it is expected that you “attend” class weekly by checking your WCC email messages and/or the Announcements board in Blackboard a few times during the week. There will be times when I will need to make an announcement or communicate something important to the class, and I will use Waubonsee email, and Announcements in Blackboard to do so. Online courses provide a level of flexibility. However flexibility does not translate as easier. IMPORTANT: You should expect to spend between 6 and 9 hours each week on this course which is typical for a 3 credit online course. In a face-to-face course you would spend 3 hours in class for lecture and expect to spend 3-6 hours outside of class reviewing, reading and completing assignments. For an online class the textbook and my posted lessons & videos are your classroom/lecture. So you can expect to spend about 3 hours on reading the book and lessons and watching videos and then an additional 3-6 on reviewing and completing assignments. I know many of you have a full plate (full course load or an overload, jobs, families, etc.). That is why I am telling you up front what sort of time commitment you can expect. I will not lower expectations or the level of accountability, or integrity of the course. If you have a serious life event that occurs during the semester (hospitalization, death of an immediate family member), PLEASE let me know as soon as possible, do not wait until the end of the semester or until you fall seriously behind. Late work/make-up policy: It is expected that you will submit assignments on time, however if for some reason you are not able to submit something by the deadline here are the policies for each assignment:

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 Homework: Must be completed by deadline, then a 10% reduction per extension up through the Saturday after the deadline.

 Quizzes: Must be completed by deadline, then a 10% reduction per extension up through the Saturday after the deadline.

 Proctored Tests: 10% will be deducted for each day past the deadline. Must contact Professor.

 Project: Per part 10% penalty per week, starting at day 1 past the deadline.

 Extra credit: No late work accepted – no extensions – no exceptions.

Withdrawals: I will not withdraw students from this course, with the following exceptions: It is college policy that if you have not attended class as of the 10th day of the semester (with respect to this online course this means that you have not completed any assignments in WebAssign, and have not posted in the Discussion Board for week O by the 10th day), or if you have not been making sufficient progress in the course as of the midterm (completed fewer than 4 graded assignments in WebAssign), I am required to drop you from this course and you will receive a W grade (considered a withdrawal on your transcript). Otherwise STUDENTS ARE REPSONSIBLE FOR WITHDRAWING THEMSELVES via the Student tab on or by contacting the Office of Registration and Records. I WILL NOT WITHDRAW STUDENTS AFTER November 27th. You may withdraw yourself at any time during the semester until November 27, 2017. The last day to drop this course is November 27, 2017. Please refer to Waubonsee’s Academic Calendar for other important dates.

Access and Accommodation Statement: I wish to fully include persons with disabilities in the course. Please inform me or the Access Center for Disability Resources know if you need any special accommodations in the curriculum, instruction, or assessments of this course to enable you to fully participate. I will try to maintain the confidentiality of the information you share with me. You can contact the Access center at (630)466-7900, ext. 2564. Academic Integrity Statement: Waubonsee Community College believes that all members of the community (students, faculty, staff, and administrators) have a responsibility to participate in learning with honesty, respect, and integrity. We must commit to engage in learning both in and out of the classroom, value each member in our learning community, demonstrate original thought, and help foster ethical, open, safe learning environments for all. For more information, please see the Academic Integrity Resources section in the Waubonsee Student Handbook. Cheating/Plagiarism Policy: Waubonsee firmly upholds sound principles of academic integrity and responsibility. Plagiarism and cheating are serious infractions of academic integrity, and, as such, are considered breaches of the Code of Student Conduct. If a student has violated this policy, I will report the infraction to the Dean for Students and the student may fail the assignment or the course, depending on the severity or the number of infractions. Any student found cheating or plagiarizing on any assignment (discussion, homework, project, test, quiz) will be given a grade of F/0 for that homework/test/discussion board post and reported to the Student Conduct board for further disciplinary action. The instructor reserves the right to adjust this course syllabus as needed. Revisions to course policies will be communicated via Blackboard course announcement and college email.

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Weekly Course Schedule

Week Course Schedule

Week O: 8/21 – 8/28

Lesson O: Introductions and acclimating, Homework O and Discussion Board Introduction due NOON Monday 8/28.

Week #1: 8/28 – 9/4

Lesson 1: Homework 1, Quiz 1 due NOON Monday 9/4 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz).

Week #2: 9/4 – 9/11

Lesson 2: Homework 2, Quiz 2 due NOON Monday 9/11 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz).

Week #3: 9/11 – 9/18

Lesson 3: Homework 3, Quiz 3 due NOON Monday 9/18 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz).

Week #4: 9/18 – 9/25

Lesson 4: Homework 4, Quiz 4 due NOON Monday 9/25 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz).

Week #5: 9/25 – 10/2

Lesson 5: Homework 5, Quiz 5 due NOON Monday 10/2 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz).

Week #6: 10/2 – 10/9

Extra Credit Review Quiz 1 due by Noon on Monday, 10/9. Proctored Test 1 must be taken by closing time of the Assessment Center on MONDAY 10/9. Part 1 of project due by Noon Monday 10/9

Week #7: 10/9 – 10/16

Lesson 6: Homework 6, Quiz 6 due NOON Monday 10/16 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz).

Week #8: 10/16 – 10/23

Lesson 7: Homework 7, Quiz 7 due NOON Monday 10/23 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz) .

Week #9: 10/23 – 10/30

Lesson 8: Homework 8, Quiz 8 and due NOON Monday 10/30 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz),

Week #10: 10/30 – 11/6

Lesson 9: Homework 9, Quiz 9 due NOON Monday 11/6 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz). Part 2 of Project due by Noon on Monday 11/6.

Week #11: 11/6 – 11/13

Lesson 10: Homework 10, Quiz 10 due NOON Monday 11/13 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz).

Week #12: 11/13 – 11/20

Lesson 11: Homework 11, Quiz 11 due NOON Monday 11/20 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz).

11/20 – 11/26 Thanksgiving Break

Week #13: 11/27 – 12/4

Lesson 12: Homework 12, Quiz 12 due NOON Monday 12/4 (remember that you must score at least 80% on the HW to access the Quiz).

Week #14, 15: 12/4 – 12/15

Extra Credit Review Quiz 2 due by Noon on Wednesday, 12/13. Proctored Test 2 must be taken by the time the Assessment Center closes on Wednesday 12/13. Part 3 of the Project due by Noon Friday 12/15.

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Resource Links and Locations The following are useful resources that are available to students at Waubonsee Community College: Access Center for Disability Resources – Student Center 201 Career Services Center – Student Center 209 Learning Assessment and Testing Services – Student Center 230, Aurora Downtown 275, Plano 129, Aurora Fox Valley 229 Counseling, Advising and Transfer Center – Student Center 262, Aurora Downtown 110, Plano 135, Aurora Fox Valley 231 Emergency Preparedness and Safety Guide – Posted in classrooms Financial Aid – Student Center 234, Aurora Downtown 241, Plano 126, Aurora Fox Valley 231 Student Handbook (includes Student Code of Conduct) – Also available in Admissions, Student Life and Counseling offices. Todd Library – Collins Hall 2nd floor, Aurora Downtown South Side 1st floor, Plano 122, Aurora Fox Valley 225 Registration and Records/Bursar – Student Center 2nd floor windows, Aurora Downtown 110, Plano 126,

Aurora Fox Valley 231

TRIO/Student Support Services – Manager – Student Center 262, Tutoring – Collins Hall 136

(Help for students who are first generation, limited income, or students with learning/physical disabilities)

Tutoring Centers – Collins Hall 144, Aurora Downtown 215, Plano library, Aurora Fox Valley library, Online 24/7 on MyWCC Student Portlet under Student Success, Tutoring and Support

Waubonsee Community College Campus Information:

Sugar Grove Campus Route 47 at Waubonsee Drive Sugar Grove, IL 60554-9454 (630) 466-7900

Aurora Downtown Campus 18 South River Street Aurora, IL 60506-4178 (630) 801-7900

Aurora Fox Valley Campus 2060 Ogden Avenue Aurora, IL 60504-7222 (630) 585-7900

Plano Campus 100 Waubonsee Drive Plano, IL 60545-2276 (630) 552-7900


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Basic Statistics Weekly Checklist All deadlines are Noon Central on Monday, unless otherwise noted


Done? Score

Orientation Week, Week O, 8/21-8/28

Print out and Read Syllabus

Read Lesson O in Blackboard

Register with WebAssign

Self-Introduction Post in Discussion Board in Blackboard

Homework O – Orientation in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Week 1, 8/28 – 9/4

Read Text

Read Lesson 1 in Blackboard

Homework 1 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 1-if help is needed

Quiz 1 in WebAssign ____%/50 = ____pts

Week 2, 9/4 – 9/11

Read Text

Read Lesson 2 in Blackboard

Homework 2 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 2-if help is needed

Quiz 2 in WebAssign ____%/50 = ____pts

Week 3, 9/11 – 9/18

Read Text

Read Lesson 3 in Blackboard

Homework 3 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 3-if help is needed

Quiz 3 in WebAssign ____%/50 = ____pts

Week 4, 9/18 – 9/25

Read Text

Read Lesson 4 in Blackboard

Homework 4 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 4-if help is needed

Quiz 4 in WebAssign ____%/50 = ____pts

Week 5, 9/25 – 10/2

Read Text

Read Lesson 5 in Blackboard

Homework 5 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 5-if help is needed

Quiz 5 in WebAssign ____%/50 = ____pts

Week 6, 10/2 – 10/9

Extra Credit Test 1 Review Quiz ____pts/(5)

Proctored Test 1 due by close of Assessment Center on Monday 10/9

MONDAY10/12 10/12


____% = ____pts

===______pts Part 1 of Project ____pts out of 3

Week 7, 10/9 – 10/16

Read Text

Read Lesson 6 in Blackboard

Homework 6 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 6-if help is needed

Page 10 of 10

Quiz 6 in WebAssign ____%/50 = ____pts

Week 8, 10/16 – 10/23

Read Text

Read Lesson 7 in Blackboard

Homework 7 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 7-if help is needed

Quiz 7 in Blackboard ____%/50 = ____pts

Week 9, 10/23 – 10/30

Read Text

Read Lesson 8 in Blackboard

Homework 8 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 8-if help is needed

Quiz 8 in WebAssign ____%/50 = ____pts

Week 10, 10/30 – 11/6

Read Text

Read Lesson 9 in Blackboard

Homework 9 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 9-if help is needed

Quiz 9 in WebAssign ____%/50 = ____pts

Part 2 of Project ____pts out of 4

Week 11, 11/6 – 11/13

Read Text

Read Lesson 10 in Blackboard

Homework 10 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 10

Quiz 10 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Week 12, 11/13 – 11/20

Read Text

Read Lesson 11 in Blackboard

Homework 11 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 11-if help is needed

Quiz 11 in WebAssign ____%/50 = ____pts

Thanksgiving Break 11/20-11/26

Week 13, 11/27 – 12/4

Read Text

Read Lesson 12 in Blackboard

Homework 12 in WebAssign ____%/100 = ____pts

Discussion in Blackboard for HW 12-if help is needed

Quiz 12 in WebAssign ____%/50 = ____pts

Week 14 & 15, 12/4 – 12/16

Extra Credit Test 2 Review Quiz by NOON WEDNESDAY 12/13 ____pts/(5)

Proctored Test 2 by close of Assessment Center, WEDNESDAY 12/13


____% = ____pts

Part 3 of Project, NOON FRIDAY 12/15 ____pts out of 6

TOTAL POINTS EARNED (Add up all POINTS earned) ______/250 = _____ grade

NOTE: At any point during the semester you can determine your current grade by adding up the points you’ve earned

and dividing by the total points available to that point, and then multiply by 100.

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