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The US patriot act

The US Patriot Act is the one of the greatest act that has been established in the recent years. This was made by the President George W. Bush and it was made on 26 October 2001. It was made for the security and protection of the citizens. There were many reforms and good doing that fall in this act. Some of the major titles are Enhancing domestic security against terrorism, Anti-money-laundering to prevent terrorism, Removing obstacles to investigating terrorism, Increased information sharing for critical infrastructure protection, Improved intelligence, Border security, Surveillance procedures and many more (, 2016).

We can see that by implementing the act the country is much safer. There are many reforms that have been made due to this act and that have much more benefits for the country than ever before. What I can see that there are no sacrifices that are been made according to the law. In my opinion there are best practices that are been implemented by the police and the state to protect their citizen. 

What I believe is that there must be good changes that can be made according to my opinion. For example, there should be more random checking and the crime should be eliminated according to the act. The police persons and we also knew that the smuggling, intoxications and the people who are not following the rules of the state. They should be caught in every case and the police officers who allow them to do that should be suspended forever. 

I can personally give the sacrifice if they would stop me randomly and ask for the checking of the car or mine. This will be appreciated because due to this, there will be terror on the persons who are going against the law and the illegal acts will be reduced by this. 


Yes in my opinion, Miranda rights are still necessary. It was a good step taken by the State and it should be kept in progress. Before this right, we have seen that in many cases people were forced to speak something. By doing this there were many problems in the past as the person is confused and might say anything wrong and by doing that the data is been written and is been used against them. That his own statement goes against the person. That’s the reason in my opinion Miranda rights should be there so that is there is any problem the person could be remain silent and further steps can be taken in this regards (, 2016). 

There were many changes made in the Miranda but there are some major change that have been made and that will be discussed. What we can see is that the biggest point in the Miranda was that a person could remain silent. However, we can see that it has been changed. Now there is no right for the person to remain silent. This change was made due to the some incidents.

If we look at the Miranda law then we come to know that it was a good stance that a person could remain quite as he will contact his lawyer in court or he do not want to give any kind of explanation to the police officers. Living in the Free State that right must be prevailing there so that there would be no pressure on the victim that you need to speak in any case. However, we know that the terrorist attacks and suicide is becoming common and the state needs to change the law so that no one could be left behind but still there are some rules, which needs to be followed. 

  The purpose of the Miranda law is good and looking then it actually gives the security to the citizens so that there would be no harm to the society that is the best thing by implementing. 

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