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Use of Social Media In Amazon Company

Use of Social Media In Amazon Company 3

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Use of Social Media In Amazon Company


The global business world is facing a surge of social media to augment public magnetism and uphold the business for a long run. In this study, we will discuss Amazon Company along with its different social media considerations. The rationale of the study is to analyze the intentions of the management to amplify the brand image, new ideas, market leadership, advertisement, and promotions. This is necessary to study different social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube along with the impact on both, the company and brand image. However, despite having the successful social media operations by the company, the study will provide different recommendations to the management to improve the performance sustain the competitive lead. The Amazon is in the limelight in the electronic and commerce industry due to effectual social media strategies. Amazon is the largest online retailer which has justified the exploitation of different social media channels remarkably. 

Overall Summary of Social Media Use

Amazon gave important different social media channels. The main focus of this company is engaging people, the representation of good content, changes with the passage of the time and different trends. This is a fact that the management of this company has focused on the awareness. This is all about promoting the products and services in different social media channels to aware people regarding the easy access and quality. In addition, the different social media channels have also helped this company to have valuable brand perception. This has been considered as a great weight on people due to the social media considerations. The marketing department of this company hired the social media director to take the company to the other level to make the different in the competitive retail industry. Besides, the marketing department has transformed the operations from traditional media channels to the special media channels to depict the rapidness. Due to these social media efforts, the company has sustained as number one online retailer around the globe. Interestingly, Amazon hires different developers and engineers with the passage of the time to depict its creative and unique efforts on different social media channels. For Instance, to create the impression, the company conducts the differentiation process on these channels through the depiction of content in a unique manner and attractive visualization. 

Use of Tools

Amazon uses different social media tools. This is necessary to elaborate these tools to derive the key success factors of the company on the intense competition. 

  • Facebook

Amazon has used the Facebook to increase the market share and build the brand for a long run. For example, Amazon has let the Berkshire far behind due to its market value, which has soared to $ 360 billion. Due to the successful use of social media, the management of the company has observed more than 1.7 billion monthly users, navigating the Amazon pages on this particular social media channel. Obviously, the company is using this channel to promote the new and old products along with great content and appealing visualization. 

The most important thing for the company is to contain the information for the customer, concerning the online process. Thus, we can say that the company is using the Facebook for building its brands. To increase the customer’s satisfaction and generation of new ideas, the valuable feedback of people around the globe gas been well justified. The company is very responsive on this media channels, which enhances the customer satisfaction. In addition, Amazon intends to keep using this social media channel to sustain the brand image in the presence of Google, Apple and Microsoft (Egan, 2016). 

Furthermore, this company also highlights the products and offers an immense range of coupons to develop the sales. For example, on a mother day, the team of social media offers coupons to let people spend on a mother day gift. Thus, the use of Facebook has also justified the positioning process, which has helped the company to generate the lead is well. 

  • Twitter

The Amazon and Twitter’s shopping cars are working together to boost the sales, attraction and customer satisfaction. For example, according to the needs and trends, the customers can add different products in the shopping car on twitter. The rationale is to make the products available for the customers at the time of need. The Amazon management enables the customers to connect the twitter account with the Amazon’s site to have better navigation. However, one of the prominent spokesmen of the Amazon Company has said that the purpose of collaboration with twitter is not forming the positioning machines (OLIVAREZ-GILES, 2014).

This is all about to facilitate them through tweets and setting up options regarding the shopping cart. Obviously, it satisfies the customer due to the easy process and the best way to buy the products in no time. In addition, the use of twitter has helped the company to keep the customers up-to-date and have different ideas to make the difference in the competitive market. More than 108 million people follow Amazon on twitter and providing the information with the passage of time is a big deal for the company. 

  • Instagram

This has been observed that the Amazon Company used Instagram to contain the invasive advertisements as compared to the Facebook and twitter. This is a fact that the social media team of the company retargets the customers through Instagram, as it also helps the company to generate the leads. Generating the leads actually depends on the customer response and sales, which have been observed remarkable on this particular media channels. Through attractive and high-quality advertisement, the company targets the customers again, which increases the sales, response, and rarefaction for a long run. The dynamic advertisement and solid grasp have been in the limelight in this regard, as it has helped the company to reach the customers and depict the positive using decisions at the end (FLYNN, 2016).

  • Pinterest

The Pinterest has become an integral part of the social media consideration. This is a fact that the company is looking to affiliate with the Pinterest to drive the word of mouth recommendations. However, this has been revealed that the Amazon has not yet affiliated with the Pinterest. Besides, the intentions are towards the personal relations with the customers through the intense advertisement options. The management of the company will focus on the photos of the products and discuss the customers to give or have the valuable recommendations to react accordingly. According to the research, this has also been revealed that 72% customers, using this social media channels, believe that they find the new brand of product. Thus, the intention will be the same, as this company will intend to take the customers recommendations and launch the new products on this media channels is well to make the difference and grab image range of customers (Armstrong, 2016). 

  • YouTube

When we talk about the YouTube, the crisis reputation management comes into the life. Recently, the Amazon Company has initiated the new video posting services to regain its reputation on this particular social media channel. This allows the customers to post their videos and earn money, which depicts the direct competition with the Google’s YouTube. There was a perception regarding this company that it does not depict its intentions towards the social media expansion. In result, the YouTube has been used effectively in different movies and TV programs. The high definition videos along with good sound quality also helped the company to contain the effective advertisements to boost the attraction and buying decisions of the customers around the globe. The company seems descriptive in the YouTube ad, which also improved the reputation and enables the intense customer’s assistance and engagements in a case of online troubleshooting. The ten million users are on YouTube regarding the shopping and free shipping process (Soper, 2016). 

Assessments & Recommendations

Amazon Company has gained a remarkable response from the customers through the social media considerations. This is a fact that the company is extremely good on Facebook and YouTube channels, which has justified the customer satisfaction, generation of new ideas, good reputation, brand image building, word of mouth recommendation, generating the leads and attractive advertisement. 

  • Social Media SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths

The technology enhancement to integrate with the top social media channels is a big strength of this company. In addition, a strong brand image and customers satisfaction on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the big success factors of the company, which has helped the company to sustain the competitive advantage and face the big gains such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Through the effective social media considerations, the sale and subscription of the company have been increased recently, which also increased the revenues. Thus, the revenues are increased through the social media communication, which is considered as a big strength. 

  • Weakness

The differentiation is not up to the mark on the social media channels, which is its bug weakness. Despite having the strong presence, the competitors are converting the customers through differentiation. In this gratification era, the online system is still slow, which is a big thing to worry about this company in the presence of intense competition. The lack of social applications on mobile phones as compared to Google and Apple has created the negative impact on the customers, as the sales are low comparatively (Roose, 2016). 

  • Opportunities

Through intense social media integration, the expansion process is possible in the developing countries. This is possible due to the intentions of global customer range, which can justify the expansion process. Despite emerging as an e-commerce giant, the management can make the product launching process fast to attract the customers and augment sales in the competitive market. Different brands may contain different web pages on Facebook, Pinterest   along with the intense description on YouTube channels. Thus, this is a great opportunity to add to the social media integration to engage the customers and increase the revenues. 

  • Threats

Amazon is in under the threat due to the social media fraud. The fraudulent social media accounts along with the product and service imitation process by the local owners, which can impair the brand image and online sales process. In addition, the new companies on social media channels are coming up with intense differentiation through technology, which is also a real threat for the company (Bennett, 2016). 

  • Recommendations 
  • The management of the company should contain the equal intentions or considerations of all mentioned social media tools to improve the immense range of the customers in the presence of intense competition.
  • This is necessary for the company to be descriptive in social media channels and online web stores to have informative customers, which can help the company to generate the leads.
  • In end, this is to conclude that the company should change the technology and different social applications to come up with the prominent differentiation process to contain the online sustainability. 


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