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Ways to warm up the car in winter(Car regulating thermostat)

In the winter, people usually find ways to remove the ice from the car and to normalize the temperature of the car. However, there are many ways that people can use to remove the ice from the car that is de-icing of the car as well as they can normalize the temperature of the car with the help of heating system or heat from the engine system of the car.  In winters, people usually prefer to start the engine and let the engine in idle mode so the temperature of the car can reach the desired temperature. In this way, there is need of device that warm up the car without turning the engine on. When the engine is cold, the gasoline in the engine does not evaporate, in fact, the cold engine creates the desired ratio of the air and vapors of fuel that for the purpose of combustion. Potentially it could also cool down the car in the summer without turning the engine on and warm up the engine of car without starting engine as well.

In Google patents, car regulating thermostat engines has been recognized that warm as well as ready to without having to warm up the car.  The car regulating thermostat that freezing the cold work morning as well as scorching hot in the afternoons. Basically such thermostat found in the modern homes but also available for the automobiles to setting motor of engine without running engine of car. No pollution and no gas consumption have been recognized by utilization of car regulating thermostat released into atmosphere (Garner, 2003). To maintain the temperature level in the car, the technique of constant through- a flow of fresh air can be used. In this way, the temperature in the car can be maintained as shown in the figure. Moreover, two ways to heat the cabin of the car is shown in the last two figures, the 1st one shows that heating system with the help of hot water valve. Air through the matrix gets heated and by a regulator, a temperature of the air can be maintained.


  1. Topic: Micro-Driller(Micro-Sonic Density Imaging While Drilling Systems)

Micro driller is used in almost every field that is mechanical, electrical and geological etc. expert use the micro drill to find out desired information for example; with the help of a micro drill, the hole is constructed that helps the wire to go further down in the snow.

In Google patents, micro sonic density is the device used for drilling for many purposes. It has drilled collar with one stabilized blade that set distal face for stabilizing blade to detect the S ad P waves. The circuit processing measurement gives slowness and velocity of the acoustic waves. This type of tool has fluid cell for the measurement of acoustical properties for the borehole fluid. This type of device has features of the rock drill by 10 m. It is also used to determine the strength of rock and drill in required way.


The development of micro driller helps in every field of construction and extraction of petroleum as well. In addition, motion tracking unit fitted inside the devices to give the measurement of required drill in the rock with gives parameters. Inside the device, logging method is that rotating logging while drilling tool along with the borehole. The calculation of formation of density values adequately determined (Chemali & Oraby, 2013).

            Micro drill has many advantages and uses. In the field of mining’s the micro drill help the researchers to find out the presence of the ore on the ground and to obtained the residue from the ground . The drill can be used in different direction and level by clipping the drill to the wall. By desired level and direction of the drill, the expert can use it in a direction to find out ore-rich tailing.

            Micro drill provides many advantages for example; with the help of a micro drill, a tiny hole is constructed that cannot affect the whole ground that means there is no danger of collapsing of ground. It requires small space to inject micro drill into the ground. However, there are some problems associated with the micro drill, as it requires a lot of time to drill deep into the ground and to obtain the ore rich tailing (, 2016). Another advantage of the microdrill is a determination of the contamination in the liner (Sauter, 2010).

  • Topic: Correcting twisted seat belt(Seat belt buckles receptacle presenter assembly)

            While driving, wearing a seatbelt is important as it lowers the injury level in accidents. Seat belt plays important role in saving the life of people on having an accident. It is important for the people to have a seat belt in the car in a proper manner. Moreover, it is important to check the working of the seat belt while driving because without a seat belt, the death ratio due to accidents increases and can cause major injuries to the people. People usually face some issues with the seat belt in their daily routine (Kent, 2014).

In the Google patent, the seat belt buckles receptacle presenter assembly is name of product that have capability of broadened part of the buckle to remove the twist. It is recognized as vehicle occupant in visually and convenient accessible location. The receptacle of seat belt is pivotal mounted for the horizontal track of the storage positioning location. Seat belt buckle connected with the moveable arm that extends the ends. In this way, predetermined storage angle identified for the demonstrations of the corrected twisted seat belt. This seat belt is real invention that gets Google patents in required manner.


One of the major issues is the twisting of the seat belts twisting of seat belt create difficulties for a person in wearing a seat belt. Most of the time the male belt part of the seat belt get stuck or twisted because the twisted belt fails to spread the force of an accident across the body of a passenger and fails to protect the body of a passenger. Therefore, it is important to find out ways to remove the twist from the seat belt (, 2016).  One important way to remove the twist from the seat belt is by widening the area of a male seat buckle. The broadened part of the buckle will help the passenger to remove the twist from the belt. Moreover, another way to remove the twist from the male seat belt buckle is by having adjustable round moving rod that can freely move the twisted belt one side round to another side in round direction to remove the twist as shown in the figure (Osborne, 2011). 


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