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What are environmental consequences of NAFTA?

  1. What are environmental consequences of NAFTA?

Due to North American Free Trade Agreement, people are facing some problems relate to their way of life. Moreover, NAFTA is also affecting the local sovereignty and environment as well.  According to the report was released on the 20the anniversary of NAFTA, the trade of agriculture products in increasing that making farmers cut down the forest so that they get more land for agriculture. Moreover, due to the free trade, industrial pollution is also increasing that affecting the environment.  NAFTA is also increasing pollution related to trucks, according to the report, the greenhouse gas emission is increasing day by day now it has reached to a level of 7 billion metric tons in the year 1990, in the year 2005 it has reached to 8.3 billion.  In short, agreements like NAFTA around the world are affecting the environment or ecosystem (McAuliff, 2014).

  • How free trade negative impacts for Mexico are major concerns for people?

NAFTA has some negative impact on the people of U.S. NAFTA affects the manufacturers of the U.S. in the sense that manufacturers are forced to move towards the Mexico where they can find labor at low cost in order to compete with other companies working in an industry. Due to NAFTA, most of the Mexican people lost their jobs because NAFTA removed the tariffs that cause exporting of corns and grains to Mexico a low cost. Due to NAFTA, Maquiladora workers were exploited, the environment of the Mexico is deteriorated just because of NAFTA.  Trucks in Mexico that are not working according to the standards are promoted due to the free trade agreement to export agriculture products using roads (Amadeo, 2016).


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