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what can be inferred by the passage of the black codes

1.What can be inferred by the passage of the Black Codes
A.Many Southerners were willing to allow African-Americans equally
B.Many white Southerners wanted African Americans to remain as slaves
C.Many white Southerners wanted African Americans to receive equal education
D.Southerns lawmakers wanted to separate but equal the rights

  1. Which of the following groups support radical reconstruction
    A.Business people interested in rebuilding
    B.Newly freed African-Americans
    C.Rich white landowners
  2. After the passage of 13 14 and 15 amendments why did African Americans continue to experience political oppression.
    A. The amendments we’re not intended to exclusively solve African-American problems
    B. Southerners little leatrice trated and Tack Jim Crow laws
    C. Many African Americans did not trust that the Amendments would be upheld
    D. Poor Communications kept African Americans from learning about their rights
  3. Which of the following is a major example of Abraham Lincoln’s policy of Ling see towards the defeat South
    A. President Lincoln will nuses to have a federal government assume responsibility of confederate government debts
    B. President Lincoln choice to have Southerners as his vice president in the 18 64 election
    C. President Lincoln’s decision that Southerners state governments could recognize after 10% of the voters took a loyalty oath in the Union
    D. President Lincoln’s decision to extend the Emancipation Proclamtion to include all states
  4. Arrange the following legalist in that was passed after the Civil War and proper chronological order.
    A. I.,II.,III.,IV
    B. I.,II.,IV.,III
    C. II.,I.,III.,IV
    D. III.,IV.,II.,I.
    Why was President Lincoln unable to persuade Congress to accept his redstruction plan
    A. President Lincoln’s Plan did not follow Northerners to vote on the registration Act
    B. Congress believe that Freedoms Bureau should be responsible for reconstruction
    C. Congress believed President Lincoln’s Plan was too difficult for the South
    D. President Lincoln was assassinated before he was able to persuade Congress
  5. What did President Johnson believed reconstruction should accomplish.
    A. That rich white Southerners landowners would not return to power
    B. That the South would return to its pre-war system without slavery
    C. That politics and civil rights of Freedom would be granted
    D. That the South would remain as conquered Nation
  6. According to the ruling in the Plessy versus freguson case why was segregation acceptable
    A. Segeregation with legal because African Americans were not citizens
    B. Segregegation was legal as long as the finances for Black and Whites Segregation
    C. Segregation was acceptable in private facilities only
    D. Segregation who’s acceptable won a state-by-state basic 1 1 2,681
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