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what is the formula of the ion formed when potassium achieves noble-gas electron configuration

Quiz 2

CUSSA June 2018

CHEM 011

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Chemical Bonding

Multiple Choice

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____1.What is the name given to the electrons in the highest occupied energy level of an atom?
a.orbital electronsc.anions
____2.b.valence electronsd.cations
How does calcium obey the octet rule when reacting to form compounds?
a.It gains electrons.
b.It gives up electrons.
c.It does not change its number of electrons.
____3.d.Calcium does not obey the octet rule.
What is the charge on the strontium ion?c.
a.2 –1
____4.b.1 –d.2
How many electrons does barium have to give up to achieve a noble-gas electron configuration?
What is the formula of the ion formed when potassium achieves noble-gas electron configuration?
a.K 2 c.K 1 −
____6.b.K d.K 2 −
Which of the following ions has a pseudo-noble-gas electron configuration?
a.Fe 2c.Cu 
____7.b.Mn2d.Ni 
Which of the following elements does NOT form an ion with a charge of 1?
What is the charge on the cation in the ionic compound sodium sulfide?
Which of the following occurs in an ionic bond?
a.Oppositely charged ions attract.
b.Two atoms share two electrons.
c.Two atoms share more than two electrons.
d.Like-charged ions attract.

____ 10. What is the net charge of the ionic compound calcium fluoride?

a.2 –c.0
b.1 –d.1
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____11.How many valence electrons are transferred from the nitrogen atom to potassium in the formation of
the compound potassium nitride?c.
How many valence electrons are transferred from the calcium atom to iodine in the formation of the
compound calcium iodide?c.
What is the formula unit of sodium nitride?
a.NaNc.Na 3 N
____14.b.Na 2 Nd.NaN3
What is the formula unit of aluminum oxide?
____15.b.Al 3 Od.Al 2 O 3
What is the name of the ionic compound formed from lithium and bromine?
a.lithium brominec.lithium bromium
____16.b.lithium bromided.lithium bromate
What is the formula for sodium sulfate?
a.NaSO4c.Na(SO 4 ) 2
____17.b.Na 2 SO 4d.Na 2 (SO 4 ) 2
What is the formula for potassium sulfide?
a.KSc.KS 2
____18.b.K 2 Sd.K 2 S2
Which of the following pairs of elements is most likely to form an ionic compound?
a.magnesium and fluorinec.oxygen and chlorine
____19.b.nitrogen and sulfurd.sodium and aluminum
Which of these elements does not exist as a diatomic molecule?
How do atoms achieve noble-gas electron configurations in single covalent bonds?

a. One atom completely loses two electrons to the other atom in the bond.

b. Two atoms share two pairs of electrons.

c. Two atoms share two electrons.

d. Two atoms share one electron.


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____22.Which of the following elements can form diatomic molecules held together by triple covalent bonds?
Which of the following is the name given to the pairs of valence electrons that do not participate in
bonding in diatomic oxygen molecules?c.
a.unvalenced pairinner pair
____24.b.outer paird.unshared pair
Which of the following diatomic molecules is joined by a double covalent bond?
a.O 2c.N 2
____25.b.Cl 2d.He 2
A molecule with a single covalent bond is ____.
a.CO 2c.CO
____26.b.Cl 2d.N 2
Once formed, how are coordinate covalent bonds different from other covalent bonds?
a.They are stronger.c.They are weaker.
b.They are more ionic in character.d.There is no difference.
____27.When H  forms a bond with H 2 O to form the hydronium ion H 3 O  , this bond is called a coordinate

covalent bond because ____.

a. both bonding electrons come from the oxygen atom

b. it forms an especially strong bond

c. the electrons are equally shared

d. the oxygen no longer has eight valence electrons

____28.Which of the following atoms acquires the most negative charge in a covalent bond with hydrogen?
Which of the following covalent bonds is the most polar?
What causes hydrogen bonding?

a. attraction between ions

b. motion of electrons

c. sharing of electron pairs

d. bonding of a covalently bonded hydrogen atom with an unshared electron pair

____ 31. Why is hydrogen bonding only possible with hydrogen?

a. Hydrogen’s nucleus is electron deficient when it bonds with an electronegative atom.

b. Hydrogen is the only atom that is the same size as an oxygen atom.

c. Hydrogen is the most electronegative element.

Hydrogen tends to form covalent bonds.

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