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What is the significance of the train in “Paul’s case” and “A journey “

Answer: In the “The Way to Wealth by Bejamin Franklin, the author uses many narrative voices to stress the importance of frugality. The essay begins as Poor Richard addresses his audience, “Courteous Reader,” and admits that few “other learned authors” have quoted him, despite his being “an eminent author of almanacs annually now a full quarter of a century” . Poor Richard does take solace in the fact that “ authority” exists. At this point in the essay, Poor Richard makes a confession: “I have sometimes quoted myself with great gravity”.

Upon observing a crowd waiting for “a vendue of merchant goods” to open for business, Poor Richard overhears the people “conversing on the badness of the times”. One person in the crowd calls out to another, “a plain clean old man, with white locks” asks him of his opinion of the times and of the “heavy taxes quite ruin the country”. The man, Father Abraham, is happy to oblige, and he gives a short speech to the crowd, while Poor Richard listens and looks on.

Father Abraham begins his speech by acknowledging that the taxes are “indeed very heavy,” but much worse than the taxes imposed by the government are the taxes of “our idleness , our folly, and from these taxes the commissioners cannot ease or deliver us by allowing an abatement”. He quotes Poor Richard here to offer the crowd advice about what to do about this problem: “God helps them that help themselves”.

As you can see, there are many narrative voices and they are important in the sense that they encourage the idea of working hard and being thrifty with the money we have.

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