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What passions do you live for?

My passion is perfection, efficiency, and obeying time frame. I want to complete my task as perfect it can, with the least resources used or wasted and above all within the time frame I am given with. Generally, I don’t follow a given timeframe. I set my time span by own, and obviously it always is shorter than the given time frame. I do this, to check that the task I have completed within my time span is closer to perfection or not, if yes then hallelujah and if not, then I keep on making it batter and batter until I make it the best. That is my passion, that is how I live by, and that is how I can differentiate my work with others. In my opinion passion does not mean to achieve, to do something. Passion means to do something differently, by my own way, by my own level of comfort. Passion is a differentiating tool for me. Living by these passions have impacted my life and success in many ways.

I would love to die in my passion then to live in boredom. My Passion keeps me working and keeps me putting more and more hard work to that. If I am passionate about doing something, it does not feel like that someone has imposed that task on me. Or I am doing that for someone else, even if am doing that particular task for someone else. My passion leads me. It keeps my mind think all the time. It helps me finding solutions to the problems that have occurred during that course of work and that could increase the lead time. I know if I am passionate about the quality and schedule of the task I can overcome that problem in a really quick time. Sometimes I have to work late hours for any work or job I am currently working on.  That’s my passion that let me get going and working in late hours or odd hours.

My passions create a sense of freedom in me. I don’t feel bound, circling about a prefixed orbit or following a planned routine. I feel free, easy, relaxed and comfortable. I don’t need to push myself for the work I am passionate about myself. I just want to that by my heart. There are times when I don’t feel easy or comfortable working at certain time or for certain time period. I do not do that thing. But during that relaxation transition I dun sit idle, I keep on thinking about that task, its expected outcomes, analyzing “what if” conditions about its outcomes, and all the possible ways to complete that in my time frame with desired results. In short my passion drives me, it let me live the way I want to live, it let me construct my dreams before someone construct their dreams on my land.

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