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What prevents wind from blowing a straight line from the north pole to the equator


The correct sequence according to the question is steps- 4→1→3→5→6→2→7.


The given steps show that how the rocks are recycled from one form to another form due to certain factors like weathering over geological time scale which was explained by James Hutton and he termed this concept as the rock cycle.

The steps of the rock cycle in sequence according to the question are:

1.  Breakdown of rock by weathering into regolith- step 4

2.  Dumping and deposition of regolith in a reservoir- step  1

3.  Erosion and transportation of regolith by rain or wind- step  3

4. Cementing of the deposited layer to form sedimentary rock- step  5

5. Conversion of sedimentary rock to a metamorphic rock due to intense heat and pressure- step 6

6. Conversion of  metamorphic rocks to magma due to the melting of metamorphic rocks-
step 2

7. Conversion of magma to igneous rocks due to volcanic activities and cooling of magma-  step 7

Therefore sequence according to the question is steps- 4→1→3→5→6→2→7 is correct.