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Why we should do sports

Why we should do sports

Sports is the basic element of the human life as it keeps the person happy and healthy. The hobby of playing sports should be developed in the person since his or her childhood because it is the exercise with some fun. The sports are now divided into two categories that is the Indoor sports and the outdoor sports.

The indoor sports are those sports which are played inside the room or auditorium they are not that much physical sports. Because in these sports the mind is more used rather than the body. They increase the creativity and mentality of the person. Example of indoor games is the board games, chess, card games and poker (Rundh & Gottfridsson, 2015). The major games which are played all over the world are mostly the outdoor games because these games are physical games like Soccer, Football and the Cricket.

Competition without Violence

Sports build the spirit among the people and it is very true that this develop the competition among the players without any kind of rivalry or the violence. Sportsmanship is the best ethics a player can have as in this ethic the player must respect the opponent regardless of the matter that either the player is losing or winning the game.  While this is not totally true there are some sports which can cause violence like whenever there is the FIFA world cup is held in the world.

The supporter of different teams gets too much hype and frustrated that they start hurting each other even in the stadium. Just like what happen in the match between France and England this year. Otherwise the sports are the game of gentleman as they develop the necessary social ethics in the person who want to make progress and also develop the positive attitude of the person.

There are very famous rivalries in the sports but this does not mean they are at war. The rivalry among the player is just restricted to the game it has nothing to do with their social life that’s why we can see that there are several players who are rivals of each other when they playing sports but in real life they are best friends.

It brings people together

People from diverse nature of culture and background experience to interact with each other in the sports. This happens mostly in the Olympics in which the hundreds of participants from all across the world gather in one place in order to play sports and make their country people feel proud. This brings the culture diversity in the sports and allows the people to understand each other behavior and establish the patience in their personality.

The sports also allow them to become good friends and they can compete with different countries (Sinclair, 2005). The social life increases and people learn to respect each other ideas and opinion about different things. In other words, sports are breaking the cultural boundaries among the people and also discourage the clash of civilization because the game is played in the peaceful and motivated environment. 

The supporters from the all around the world visit in other country to support their team which is the positive sign for the teams and they can experience the culture of different countries and enjoy the environmental changes in their life.

They make people feel they are important

The special Olympics are held every year which inspire the life of million people because in those Olympic the people who are rejected by their society and this world take part. That is one of the best of their life because it makes them feel good that they have importance. Sports makes them realize that they do have value as a human being and they deserve to be respected.

As in real life they don’t have any friends because society don’t accept them they are forced to live in the healthcare center where they wheel of their life runs in the certain style. No change in their life and they start feeling awkward socially but when the people like them enters the sport they realize that how much important they are.

They are picked in the sports and people encourage them to prove their existence in this world which is the best feeling of the world. The best example of such kind of sport is the Rio Olympics which held earlier this year and leave the best memories in the word.

Sports give the best health

The one promise that the outdoor sports can do to the person is that it can develop the best health in the person.  Sports is the essential element in order to increase the stamina and health. That’s why people choose sport to be healthy all the time. The people who join gym and do heavy weight lifting if just try some physical sport can overcome all the resistance and become very fit.

When the large even comes in this world the people start joining the gyms and try to be fit to compete in the sport (Pritchard & Funk, 2010).  This makes them more good for their sport and competition. This shows that the sport is increasing the health overall in the world as they encourage the person to live the healthy life.

Sport is the best motivator for the person as it develops the sense of self-esteem and confidence in the person. In order to understand this let’s take the example of the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt. He belongs to the poor country but he beat every odd and become the world fastest man and winning the Olympic championship of running since the day he enters this sport.

As at first Usain bolt was a poor person and don’t have enough money to even eat the healthy food but now he is one of the wealthiest man and has best sportsmanship. This remarkable store tells us about that the person should never give up and sport help the person to be motivated all the time.

Sports develop good habits

One of the reason why everyone should practice some kind of sport is that it develops the best habit in the person. As the person wakes up early and encourage the person to get healthy exercise. Also the sport develops the trust and honesty in the person as during sports mostly players try to play fair and with honesty as this is the one element which makes sport interesting for the other people.

The honest player always gets the extra fame and respect because this is the crucial part of being a player. If the player of the soccer while playing soccer does not hold to the honesty and try to deceive the opponent with illegal tricks, then he can’t survive in his team. As due to the modern technology every single act of the player that he or she do in the field is recorded with the eyes of camera. So not playing fair in the game can put the big questions mark to the career of the player.

The sports develop the sense of responsibility and self-esteem in the player. The player faces the challenges of the sport with confidence as this also helps the player to be brave to face the challenges of the real world.

The sport shows that the active people have less anxiety and depression in their life because they are not spending their time in the useless things rather they are spending their time in useful things and get the best output from it. That’s why every person should take part in any sport which increase the confidence, make the person gentleman and teach the person how to live a respectful life in his or her society.

The person should choose the sport which he or she likes the most never chose the sport for which your mind of body is not ready. Because this can create the negative impact on your personality as you will not take part in the sport activities with full dedication and ultimately you will end up with the useless of time. This is surely not good for the person who want to become the professional persona as the person should know in what kind of sport he is effective and have talent to go further.


Looking the above discussion, we can say that there are more benefits of the sports then the person can imagine because they give the person ability to build his or her own career. The professional players have the great impact on the life of ordinary people as they have too much fan following so they should represent them as the role model for the public so that they can get the best people in the sports.

Sports as mentioned above is the great motivator as it allows the person to get rid of the stress and the darkness in their life. Sport lifts up the person to the next level due to which they can overcome the hardships in their life. So if the person wants to be successful and prosper in his or her life they should adopt some kind of sport. The sport can be adopted as the career or the hobby and for the person who adopt it as a hobby should give at least 2-3 hours daily to their sport in order to become fit and healthy.

Keeping in view all this the sport can establish the good relations among the different nations. The visits of different country team to the other country is the sign of respect. Like in history there have been great war among the France and England but when it comes to the sport both countries respect each other and play with patience. This shows that how much sport has impact not just at the life of the person but also globally.

So everyone should make the sport essential part of their life and practice sport on the daily basis. This can help the person to keep the social life active and his or her mind in peace. Sports help to get rid of useless stress and anxiety which people suffer due to the hardships in their life. Also sport helps the people to understand the behavior of the other person.


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