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You are asked to write an article for the school newspaper about fad diets. Which of the following paragraphs would be the most factual? A. Fad diets are extreme and do not include balanced meals. They are usually hard to maintain because of their extreme restrictions. Also, the weight one loses while on a fad diet is generally gained back as soon as a person stops dieting. B. Fad diets can be fun because they rarely restrict what you eat. Plus, they induce weight loss in healthy, maintainable ways, and involve techniques that can improve your flexibility. C. Fad diets, which are necessary for fast weight loss, include healthy, well-balance meals. Unfortunately, the weight you lose while on a fad diet is usually gained back once you stop dieting. D. Fad diets are an important part of a diet regimen. They can induce lifelong weight loss and weight gain, which makes them best for young people who want to lose weight quickly.


1. The answer is “C”.

“Identical twins” who have been raised apart are typically more similar in intelligence level than biological siblings raised together because they have been born with the same genetic code.

Identical twins originate from a single fertilized egg that parts into two. Before it parts, it is either male or female. After it parts, there are either two guys or two females. The two sections of the fertilized egg embed in the uterus and every create one of the twins.  

Identical twins have the equivalent hereditary source. No immediate reason for monozygotic twinning has been resolved; it isn’t innate. Monozygotic twins speak to around 33% all things considered. They may look strikingly comparative, and it might be hard to reveal to them separated.

2. The answer is “A”.

Lawrence Kohlberg felt that one of the only ways individuals will accomplish the objectives in each of his six stages was to participate in “consensus democracy” in small group settings.

Lawrence Kohlberg felt that the best way to support development through these stages was by discourse of good problems and by investment in consensus democracy inside small groups. Consensus democracy was rule by understanding of the gathering, not larger part rule. This would invigorate and widen the reasoning of youngsters and grown-ups, enabling them to advance starting with one phase then onto the next.

3. The answer is “D.  showing a learner how to correct common mistakes”.

The term scaffolding alludes to a procedure in which instructors display or exhibit how to take care of an issue, and afterward venture back, offering support as required. Analyst and instructional architect Jerome Bruner first utilized the term ‘scaffolding’ in this setting, harking back to the 1960s. The hypothesis is that when understudies are given the help they require while discovering some new information, they stand a superior possibility of utilizing that learning freely. Bruner suggests positive association and three methods of portrayal amid educating: activities, pictures, and dialect.